Captains named for Sydney University - Australian Boat Race Crews

Sydney University has announced their captains for Australian Boat Race crews to race Melbourne University on the Yarra River on Sunday week 22nd October.

19-year-old Bachelor of Medical Science student Dyone Bettega will captain the women's eight and says the race is a classic example of putting one’s pride on the line in exchange for the honour of claiming the title for another year.

“The event fosters friendship, teamwork and sportsmanship within each crew but more importantly, among competitors,” Bettega said.

“I look forward to being a part of the tradition for another year and I wish the crews all the best on race day.”

The University of Sydney men’s team, hoping for their fourth consecutive win, will be captained and coxed by economics student William Raven, who also serves as the Vice-President of the Sydney University Boat Club. For Raven, who will be competing in his seventh Australian Boat Race, the event is unique not just for its longer and more winding river course, but for the competition that plays out on the water.

“The race has many undertones, with a massive rivalry not only between the universities but also between the boat clubs and the state rowing teams, with NSW and Victoria usually fighting it out for the top spot at the interstate regatta.”

Dyone Bettega : Sydney University Captain for the 2017 Women's Boat Race Crew

Dyone Bettega.jpg

Will Raven: Sydney University Captain for the 2017 Men's Boat Race Crew


Sydney Uni Announces 2017 Women's Eight for Australian Boat Race

Director of Rowing Dustyn Butler and women's coaches Alfie Young and Deb Fox have announced the final SUBC Women's crew for the 2017 Australian Boat Race to be held on the Yarra on Sunday 22nd October.

The crew will be :

 Cox. Rebecca Harrison

Stroke:. Wallis Russell

7. Georgie Masters

6. Dyone Bettega 

5. Emma Fessey

4. Harriet Hudson

3. Carina Simpson (graduate)

2. Laura Triggs

Bow. Elizabeth Treloar

Reserve. Jaime Ford

Below the crew is pictured in training this morning. This crew will attempt to take the trophy from Melbourne in the women's race for the first time since the race started in 2010.

Sydney Announce 2017 Men's Australian Boat Race Crew

Sydney University coaches Don McLachlan and Dustyn Butler have selected the 2017 Sydney University Men's Boat Race crew to compete against Melbourne on the Yarra River on 22nd October.

The crew is : Cox: Will Raven, stroke: Cam Girdlestone, Sasha Belonogoff, Leon Chambers. Jake Bicknell, Andrew Judge, Devlin Wals, Marcus Britt. Jack Hanley. Reserve: M0rgan Brooking

DSC_0093 (1).JPG

Boat Club Honours Bruce Ross on Retirement.

Long-serving Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness President Bruce Ross has retired this year after a record 27 years in the role.

Bruce Ross retiring SUSF President with incoming President James Flynn.

Bruce Ross retiring SUSF President with incoming President James Flynn.

Boat Club Secretary Chris Noel was elected as Vice President of SUSF on the same night Bruce was first elected as President.

" I had the privilege of serving continuously with Bruce for just over 20 years on the SUSF Management Committee and am pleased to acknowledge the tremendous changes and improvements made at SUSF under Bruce's Presidency"

I'm pleased to have been involved in a number of long-term initiatives with Bruce, Greg Harris and senior Board members over this period"

Sydney University Sport and Fitness have launched a Sporting Scholarship in Bruce's name to acknowledge his amazing contribution to SUSF.

The Boat Club has like many other sporting clubs of SUSF contributed to the fund to support this scholarship.

.A note from Bruce Ross to our President, Sarah Cook is printed here :

"Would you please pass on to your members my sincere thanks for the Boat Club’s very generous contribution to the scholarships which are to be awarded in my name. I am very honoured by this but freely acknowledge that what has been achieved in sport at our University is very much the product of joint endeavour over many years. In particular, the tireless work of volunteers in our clubs has been critical in helping build a unique organisation across many different sports."


Sydney Dominates 2017 Australian Uni Games Rowing Champs

                                                           SUBC 2017 Rowing Team

                                                           SUBC 2017 Rowing Team

29th Sept 2017

The Boat Club team travelled to Wyaralong Dam on the Gold Coast for the 2017 Australian University Games. The contingent of athletes consisted of a good mixture of youth and experience and returned with what would have to be the best overall performance of Sydney University rowing at AUG’s in the last few years, winning both the Men’s, Women’s and Overall point score over the three days of racing.

A total of nine men and thirteen women were part of the SUBC team, in many cases having a smaller contingent than other universities with a number of athletes competing in four different boat classes over the three-day period.

The first day of heats saw the club dominate in most categories, with particularly impressive results in the bigger boats, with both the men’s and women’s eight producing wins by lengths of clear water over the field. These results trickled down into the medium boats, with the men’s and women’s coxed fours and the lightweight women’s quad progressing comfortably to book centre lanes for the A-Finals. Many small boats showed great form also progressing directly through to Friday’s finals.

The second day consisted of the repechages for a number of smaller boats, with all SUBC crews doing what was needed to qualify for the A-Final, placing the university in the best possible place, with every crew we entered qualifying in the top eight ranking in their respective event. Thursday also saw the mixed events being raced, with an eight and coxed four. The mixed four came out well, sitting with the field in the early stages of the 1000m race, with an impressive build to the line, they moved clear of the field to win comfortably. The eight was a similar story, with the crew starting slightly better than the rest of the field, and dominating the second half of the race to claim the victory.

Friday saw the racing of finals. The schedule was brought forward to account for anticipated winds. The club had many impressive performances, with a credit to all crews of racing the full 2000m even when out of medal contention.

Notable performances for the women came in the form of a strong Silver in the women’s eight, beating Melbourne Uni by a number of lengths, whilst Uni of Qld were out in front. This is particularly impressive with the upcoming Australian Boat Race, being the first time the women have beaten Melbourne in an intervarsity eight in a number of years. Other strong showings on the women’s side came from the women’s coxed four claiming Gold, the women’s lightweight quad claiming Gold and Wallis Russell taking Gold in the lightweight women’s single, capping off three golds and a silver for the week of racing.

The men showed they were back to their rightful place at the top of Australian University Rowing, taking wins in the pair, coxed four and eight. Notable mention must go to Jack Hanley with a close fourth in the lightweight men’s scull, Andrew Judge and Jacob Bicknell for claiming four Golds over the week, and to cox Will Raven for being part of his fourth Win in the Oxford and Cambridge Cup, Men’s Eight, a feat not many have done before.

The regatta also capped off a great season for the club, and as such a number of members have met the criteria for a University Blue, with Uni Games Victory being the final task to be achieved for a number of athletes.


Key Results:

Mixed Four;
Anna O’Hanlon, Jack Hanley, Morgan Brooking, Lizzie Treloar and Laura Triggs.
Mixed Eight; Bec Harrison, Leon Chambers, Jacob Bicknell, Andrew Judge, Marcus Britt, Wallis Russell, Harriet Hudson, Georgie Masters and Dyone Bettega.
Women’s Coxed Four; Anna O’Hanlon, Harriet Hudson, Dyone Bettega, Laura Triggs and Adelaide Scott.
Women’s Lightweight Quad; Wallis Russell, Georgie Masters, Lizzie Treloar and Bec Humphris.
Women’s Lightweight Single; Wallis Russell.
Men’s Coxed Four; William Raven, Leon Chambers, Jacob Bicknell, Andrew Judge and Marcus Britt.
Men’s Pair; Jacob Bicknell and Andrew Judge.
Men’s Eight; William Raven, Leon Chambers, Jacob Bicknell, Andrew Judge, Marcus Britt, Morgan Brooking, Harry Wright, Jayson Gilchrist and Jack Hanley.

Women’s Eight;
Bec Harrison, Wallis Russell, Georgie Masters, Harriet Hudson, Laura Triggs, Dyone Bettega, Adelaide Scott, Jaime Ford and Olina Parish.

                                                              Women's Lightweight Quad

                                                              Women's Lightweight Quad

                                                            Men's Fours AUG Rowing 2017

                                                            Men's Fours AUG Rowing 2017

Sarah Tait's Super Saturday - Aussie Olympic Rowers break World and Local Erg Records

Five Olympians combined together in an attempt to break four world records on the erg. This was all done in memory of the late Sarah Tait, herself an Olympic silver medallist and stalwart of the Australian rowing team. Sarah sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2016, and was supported greatly by the Caritas Christie Hospice in the later stages of her life. The Caritas Christie Hospice was instrumental in the support of not only Sarah, but her family and friends as well.

"Modern medical developments are improving outcomes for patients every day. But some patients still face poor outcomes, and they and their support network of family and friends face significant challenges. Caritas Christie Hospice provides support for patients and their loved ones during this difficult time, aspiring to provide the best care and environment at such a precious time. 
Sarah's last few months in Caritas were filled with warmth, music and most importantly, family. Initiatives such as the art and music program helped create an open and caring environment, which means our memories of that time are much more positive and we were better able to support Sarah.
Supporting an athlete in this challenge means supporting families as well as patients, at a time when they need it the most". -Bill Tait


The rower decided on the world record challenges as a way of celebrating Sarah’s determination and toughness, whilst raising much-needed funds for the Caritas Christie Hospice.

Josh Booth was to attempt the 1000m world record, but due to being sick with drew. SUBC athlete, two time Olympian and current World Record Holder for the 1000m erg Sam Loch stepped in, with a 1minute attempt. The lack of preparation and being in Sam’s offseason was not in his favour, as such he did not break the record, yet still had an impressive average of 1:12.4/500m, peaking at 1:06/500m.

Josh Dunkley-Smith (JDS) two-time Olympic silver medallist had a crack at the 2km world record, already being the Australian record holder and only being 3 seconds off the current world record, JDS had an impressive race, especially given he was not competing for internationally in the post-Olympic year. The world record eluded JDS, however he did break his own Australian record with 5:38.6, and now has the third fastest 2km in history.

Karsten Forsterling, an Olympic silver and bronze medallist was attempting the one-hour erg world record. Karsten with a consistent performance broke the world record for 60minutes on the erg, in the 30-39 age category with an average of 1:38.4/500m.


The longest of the record attempts were completed by SUBC legends Matt Ryan and Nick Purnell. The two were facing the 100km tandem erg world record. They broke it up into two-minute blocks, with a quick change over to keep the erg ticking over. The duo was conservative early on, sitting around the current world record split, building momentum into the back end of the challenge. They went on to smash the previous record by 7minutes and 34seconds, averaging 1:39.2/500m for the entire 100km.

Overall the event was a success, they raised awareness of the Caritas Christie Hospice, broke a number of world and Australian records and most importantly have raised a substantial amount for the Hospice to continue their support of those in need. If you would like to donate head to


An invitation was extended to SUBC by the Xinjin Municipal Government of Chengdu to attend the 8th Xinjin International Universities Rowing Regatta during July and early August 2017.
A men's eight comprising of rowers from St Andrews, St Johns, St Pauls and Wesley colleges and a women's four from Wesley College along with coaches Charly Iron (M8+) and Gillian Campbell (W4-) and team manager Alan Bennett represented the University.
The tour was fully funded and managed by the Xinjin local government and Mr Li from SunFun Sports and Cultural Development Co Ltd.
The team departed Sydney on Wednesday 26th but unfortunately missed their connection in Shanghai due to a late departure. However, an overnight stay and flight the following morning saw them arrive fresh that afternoon.

Each team was allocated their own bus and translators (along with plain clothes police presence), which all departed the following morning to the regatta site to find their boats and oars and start the process of setting up before hitting the water.

 The course had 4 buoyed lanes over 800m on a river with navigable length of approximately 1000m, so there was not much room for eleven M8+ and eight W4- to practice on.

Each team finished their morning session and returned to the hotel for lunch with a view to having a second session that afternoon to fine tune things before racing commenced the following day.
However, the waters from the overnight storm had been released and this torrent washed away the buoy lines and littered the course with washed away trees and islands of weeds. The BROs worked closely with the regatta team that afternoon and early the next morning to remove the debris from the course but were unable to reinstate the buoy lines for racing.

This did mean that the adjustments to the rigging which was identified in the first row were not able to be tried out before racing.

The draw had been conducted at the team managers meeting on the first evening, with progression and the overall winner being based on the combination of times from heats and finals. The fastest four heat times went into Final A, the next four into Final B and so on. The W4- had not spent much time in the boat due to the individuals being unavailable and this lack of combination was highlighted in racing, especially without buoy lines to follow.

The crew was drawn in Ht2, L1 against Cambridge, Chengdu and another Chinese university finished 3rd, posting the 6th fastest time placing them in FB, L3.  In this final they finished 2nd, with the combined times giving them an overall placing of 6th in this event.

The M8+ had managed to put some good training sessions in over a four week period of time which showed in their combination, but with less than an hour between heat and final their lack of time in the boat compared to the other crews showed.

Being drawn in Ht1, L2 against MUBC, Chengdu and another Chinese university, they finished 3rd, posting the 6th fasted time which placed them in FB, L3. Here, they finished 3rd again, with their combined time placing them 7th overall.

At conclusion of racing there was a water display in jet skis and jet packs prior to the prize giving.
This was followed by the traditional " duck chasing" where ducks are released from an officials boat into the water and the locals who are in dragon boats, race in to the area with one or two of the paddlers diving into the water to catch and claim the duck as their prize.

The afternoon continued with a visit to a local primary school for all teams with an Education Forum where we were all seated in a quadrangle for a number of short talks from influential people. The theme was "Happiness in Persistence" addressing the benefits of a balanced study: training lifestyle and how this can lead to achievement at a higher level in a number of areas.

From here we walked across to another quadrangle to watch and get involved in some cultural activities such as traditional dancing, calligraphy, tie dye printing and the playing of instruments to name a few.

The cultural experience culminated with the Prize giving dinner which started with the giving and receiving of gifts, as part of the "Sharing and Gain" for the International Youth Fraternity before moving onto performances from Chinese dragons and mask dancing.Chengdu is renowned for its Sichuan Cuisine and the favourite dishes were served for the banquet after these performances.

Then it was crunch time when each team had to give their performance. Some of these had been planned and some were a bit more ad hoc. Our performer was George Bundock playing his bagpipes. Unbeknown to others, the performer from Oxford University also had his pipes with him and this ended up with a "pipe off" between the two, with of course, George coming out on top. By about now, the evening was finally coming to an end after a long busy day.

The next day was Dragon Boat racing. Mixed teams were formed to go and race in "The 3rd Chinese and Foreign Youth Dragon Boat Friendly Match". A familiarisation row was followed by heat and then final which was won by the all Chinese crews

The afternoon started with a visit to the "International Universities Rowing Race Pavilion" which is a museum of this event featuring much memorabilia and photos of the first race in 2009 which SUBC had been invited to.  From here we visited the nearby "Hua Ren Jian Park" which had an amazing display of flowers in a warehouse size greenhouse as well as a pond with pedal boats.

The last day was again filled with activities such as a visit to see the pandas, followed by a sensational lunch, a visit to Chengdu museum and shopping before returning to the hotel to collapse.

Finally it was time to leave with an early departure from the hotel at 0530hrs, a 7hr lay over in Hangzhou before the final leg back to Sydney. Overall the event was a great success for the organisers and also for SUBC, with everyone having a memorable time and also performing to the best of their ability.

Thanks must go to the Xinjin Municipal Government of Chengdu and Mr Li, along with Glen Sinclair from Otago University who is a major player in organising these events and was instrumental in inviting SUBC to attend this event.

The crews:
M8+ : Nick Jackman( St Andrews) Gus Robinson (St Andrews). Jackson Garrels (St Pauls), Maxwell Glanville,  Harry Tuit (St Pauls), George Bundock ( Wesley) , Alistair Northam (Wesley), Andrew Cameron (Wesley), Dom Tynan ( St Johns). Res : Matt Hinds ( Wesley)

W4- : Saskia Hartog (Wesley), Georgia Campbell (Wesley), Amelia Hellicar-Foster ( Wesley), Florence Potter ( Wesley), Res: Fanqiu Cui

Team Manager

                             Regatta Logo

                             Regatta Logo

                                          The SUBC Team Heading Off

                                          The SUBC Team Heading Off

                                                      Teams Rigging

                                                      Teams Rigging

                                                   Racing in Xinjin

                                                   Racing in Xinjin

         Some of the wonderful cultural activities on the trip

         Some of the wonderful cultural activities on the trip

                    Duelling Bagpipes - Bundock of Sydney Uni and Oxford

                    Duelling Bagpipes - Bundock of Sydney Uni and Oxford

Official photo.jpg
SUBC with Flags.jpg
Dragon Boats.jpg

Australian Boat Race Clash Set for Yarra River 22nd October

Men's and Women's eights from the universities of Sydney and Melbourne will meet on The Yarra River for the Annual Australian Boat race on Sunday morning 22nd October.

Aus Boat Race 2015 - men's eights - Sydney held and early lead over Melbourne University

Aus Boat Race 2015 - men's eights - Sydney held and early lead over Melbourne University

Over recent years Sydney has dominated the men's race and Melbourne is unbeaten in the modern era since 2010 in the women's race.

The Yarra course begins in Toorak and the crews will race into the city finishing just before Princes Bridge.

The course will pass under six bridges starting with the Church St bridge in Toorak just after the start. Crews will pass a number of landmarks including AAMI Stadium, the MCG, Federation Square, Boathouse Drive, Flinders St Station, Federation Square. The course length is approximately 4.5 km.

This course was first used for the modern Australian Boat Race in 2013 when there was a controversial clash in the men's race which put Sydney out of contention.

The Australian Boat Race Yarra Course starting on the right in Toorak and finishing just before Princes Bridge in central Melbourne.

The Australian Boat Race Yarra Course starting on the right in Toorak and finishing just before Princes Bridge in central Melbourne.

Australian Boat Race Course details


Church/Chapel Street Bridge – Shared Arch:   1100m Distance from start -

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North of Centre arch

Cremorne Railway Bridge – Shared Arch:   1450 m

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North of Centre arch

Punt Road Bridge:    2100m

South Station- Centre Arch; North Station-North Arch

Morrel Bridge – Shared Arch:   2400m

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North of Centre arch

Swan Street Bridge:   3300 m

Judges Box   3700m

Melbourne University Boat Club  -   4000 m

South Station-South Arch; North- Centre Arch

Princes Bridge – Shared Arch:   4500m

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North

Australian Boat Race Yarra Course – Major Marks and Distances

Start to :

Top Herring Island                                                         500m

Bottom Herring Island                                                  700m

Chapel St Bridge                                                            1100m

Cremorne Bridge                                                           1450m

Punt Road Bridge                                                           2100m

Morrell Bridge                                                                2400m

Swan St Bridge                                                               3300m

Judges Box (traditional Upper Yarra course)                 3700m

MUBC                                                                              4000m

Finish                                                                              4200m

                 Before the race crew captains issue the traditional challenge - at the 2016 race on the lawns of Sydney University

                 Before the race crew captains issue the traditional challenge - at the 2016 race on the lawns of Sydney University

Sydney Uni Rowers Strong Showing on Winter Tours

SUBC showing a strong international presence over the 2017 Australian Winter,

(DGIST) World Class Universities Rowing Regatta:Korea August 2017 - SUBC win miexed eights over Harvard  

(DGIST) World Class Universities Rowing Regatta:Korea August 2017 - SUBC win miexed eights over Harvard



SUBC has produced 48 athletes who have competed internationally over the 2017 Winter, this covers a number of tours, including National Senior and U23 reps, IURR China, Canadian Henley, Henley Royal Regatta (UK), Trans-Tasman (NZ) and Korea. Not only was the sheer number of international representation impressive, the results as well have been outstanding.

China International Universities Rowing Regatta (IURR), Hangzhou, Cixi and Changsha:
SUBC Men’s eight went undefeated throughout the regatta, taking out wins in Hangzhou and Changsha, as well as combining in two composite crews with The University of Amsterdam to take out wins in both races in Cixi. Other notable crews who competed were Harvard, Washington, Yale and Brown from the US, University of London and Kings College, Cambridge from the UK, the University of Odense and the University of Amsterdam.
Jack O’Brien, Leon Chambers, Devlin Walsh, Marcus Britt, Morgan Brooking, Charlie Wheatley, Nathan Young, Matthew Murray, Harry Wright, Dani Pettit, William Raven and Don McLachlan (Coach).

China International Universities Rowing Regatta (IURR) Chengdu:
SUBC sent a men’s eight and women’s four of residential college athletes from Sydney Uni. Racing held over 800m, with each crew racing twice, and the times added together to calculate the overall winners. The competition included crews from Cambridge (UK), Otago (NZ) and Yale (US). The women came away ranked sixth, whilst the men finished in seventh.

Nick Jackman, Gus Robinson, Harry Tuit, Jackson Garrels, Max Glanville, George Bundock, Alistair Northam, Andrew Cameron, Dom Tynan, Georgia Campbell, Amelia Hellicar-Foster, Fangqi Cui, Florence Potter and Saskia Hartog. Coaches Charly Iron, Gill Campbell and Alan Bennett.


Canadian Henley:
SUBC sent a squad of six athletes, with a women’s pair racing in three events, and the sculling group racing the quad twice and splitting into two doubles for their third event. Canadian Henley is racing held over six lanes, with large numbers of entries in every event, with the regatta being in its 135th year. A key part of the regatta is no repechages, so many top crews can be knocked out early in the regatta, even though it’s over a standard six lane course.  Notable results were the women’s U23 Double winning along with the women’s U23 Quad winning. The pair had a strong showing coming away ranked fifth in the U23 event.
Carina Simpson, Serena Cox, Dyone Bettega, Lauren Fornasaro, Loren Parsons, Laura Triggs and Debbie Fox (Coach).

Korea, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) World Class Universities Rowing Regatta:
SUBC sent a men’s and women’s coxed four, who were to combine to race a mixed eight. This regatta also included a number of erg competitions. Key competitors in Korea were Harvard from the US and Cambridge from the UK. The women’s squad took out the top three places in the individual and won the team erg, the men claimed a second place in the individual erg. In the boat, the women won the four, whilst the men claimed silver. Both fours combined to win the mixed eight.
Anna O’Hanlon, Morgan Brooking, Harry Wright, Nathan Young, Jayson Gilchrist, Rebecca Humphris, Jaime Ford, Olina Parrish, Lizzie Treloar and Ray Boyle (Coach).

Henley Royal Regatta, UK:
Olympic Silver Medallist, Cam Girdlestone raced in the Diamond Challenge Sculls. Henley is unique in the format of racing, being head to head knock out racing conducted over a week, on a flowing body of water, with racing held over 2112m. Henley is known as the most prestigious and famous regatta around the world. Cam raced well in the early stages of the regatta, making it to the semi-finals, being knocked out by the eventual winner.
Cam Girdlestone and Don McLachlan (Coach)

Trans-Tasman (U21):
SUBC is represented by two athletes in the U21 Trans-Tasman Regatta, where athletes race a small, medium and big boat. Charlie Wheatley is six wins from six starts after the first round in Australia, Devlin is four wins from six starts. The team is currently in NZ competing in the second round of racing.
Charlie Wheatley and Devlin Walsh.

World Cup II:
The Australian Senior team contains seven SUBC athletes spread across a number of boat classes, notable results from World Cup II were Jack Hargreaves claiming Gold in the Men’s four, and Gen Horton and Rowena Meredith claiming silver in the Women’s Quad.
Jack Hargreaves, Alex Purnell, Campbell Watts, Gen Horton, Rowena Meredith, Georgia Miansarow and Fiona Ewing.

World Cup III:
World Cup III saw some Australian crews reshuffled to play around with combinations and target different boat classes. SUBC again had seven athletes on tour, notable performances came from Georgia Miansarow claiming gold in the lightweight women’s quad, and setting a new world best time in the process, Gen Horton and Rowena Meredith claimed bronze in the women’s quad, and in a new look men’s eight Jack Hargreaves and Alex Purnell claimed silver in a tightly fought battle with the German World Best time holders.
Jack Hargreaves, Alex Purnell, Campbell Watts, Gen Horton, Rowena Meredith, Georgia Miansarow and Fiona Ewing.


U23 World Rowing Championships:
U23 World Champs saw SUBC represented by five athletes. This was a strong representation from a relatively small team. Gen Horton and Rowena Meredith again stood out claiming silver in the women’s quad. Andrew Judge finished fifth in the men’s coxed four, Wallis Russell was sixth in the lightweight women’s quad and Rafaela Stalph was eighth in the women’s four.
Wallis Russell, Andrew Judge, Rafaela Stalph, Gen Horton, Rowena Meredith and Alfie Young (Coach).

Athletes Total 48:

Jack O’Brien, Leon Chambers, Devlin Walsh, Marcus Britt, Morgan Brooking, Charlie Wheatley, Nathan Young, Matthew Murray, Harry Wright, Dani Pettit, William Raven, Nick Jackman, Gus Robinson, Harry Tuit, Jackson Garrels, Max Glanville, George Bundock, Alistair Northam, Andrew Cameron, Dom Tynan, Georgia Campbell, Amelia Hellicar-Foster, Fangqi Cui, Florence Potter, Saskia Hartog, Carina Simpson, Serena Cox, Dyone Bettega, Lauren Fornasaro, Loren Parsons, Laura Triggs, Anna O’Hanlon, Jayson Gilchrist, Rebecca Humphris, Jaime Ford, Olina Parrish, Lizzie Treloar, Cam Girdlestone, Jack Hargreaves, Alex Purnell, Campbell Watts, Gen Horton, Rowena Meredith, Georgia Miansarow, Fiona Ewing, Wallis Russell, Andrew Judge and Rafaela Stalph. (48)


Coaches - Managers Total 8:

Coaches :Don McLachlan, William Raven, Charly Iron, Gill Campbell,  Debbie Fox, Alfie Young and Ray Boyle. Manager: IURR 2 Alan Bennett

CLICK on the photo below for a slideshow of images from 2017 touring crews and national represntatives.



Australian Uni Games - SUBC Rowing Team Announced

The Australian Uni Games will be held on the Gold Coast from 25th-29th September.

The rowing will be on Wyaralong Dame near Beaudesert about an hour north of the main venues around Surfers Paradise.

Wyaralong Dam - site of rowing competition for the 2017 Australian Uni Games

Wyaralong Dam - site of rowing competition for the 2017 Australian Uni Games

The SUBC team will be as follows:

Women: Dyone Bettega, Rebecca Harrison, Wallis Russell, Laura Triggs, Olina Parish, Rebecca Humphris, Georgie Masters, Harriet Hudson, Adelaide Scott, Michaela Franz, Jaime Ford, Lizzie Treloar.

Men: Will Raven, Leon Chambers, Andrew Judge, Jake Bicknell, Devlin Walsh, Marcus Britt,  Morgan Brooking, Harry Wright and Jack Hanley

Coaches will be Dustyn Butler, Don McLachlan and Debbie Fox.



The SUBC women’s team of six athletes led by Coach Debbie Fox has achieved success at the 2017 Canadian Henley Regatta.

The team of U23 athletes consisted of SUBC women’s captain Dyone Bettega, Laura Triggs, Serena Cox, Loren Parsons, Carina Simpson and Lauren Fornasaro.

Day 4 of the 135th Canadian Henley saw Serena Cox and Carina Simpson win the U23 double scull final in a very strong tailwind in a time of 7 mins and 2 seconds. The margin was 1.44 seconds to Aviron Knowlton Rowing Club of Quebec and Detroit Rowing Club third. 48 crews started in the heats of this event.

SUBC U23 Double Scull of Serena Cox and Carina Simpson are presented with the Nancy Storrs Trophy.

SUBC U23 Double Scull of Serena Cox and Carina Simpson are presented with the Nancy Storrs Trophy.

Day five saw Serena and Carina join with Laura Triggs and Loren Parsons in the U23 Women’s Quad final. The crew again won gold in strong tail conditions crossing the line about 4 seconds ahead of Craftsbury Sculling Centre in second and Montreal Rowing Club third. The winning time was 6 mins 36 seconds.

The SUBC U23 Quad Scull crew of Serena Cox, Carina Simpson, Loren Parsons and Laura Triggs being interviewed after winning their final.

The SUBC U23 Quad Scull crew of Serena Cox, Carina Simpson, Loren Parsons and Laura Triggs being interviewed after winning their final.

Lauren Fornasaro and Dyone Bettega entered the U23 Women’s pair and from twenty-seven entries made the final to finish fifth overall.

The objective of the tour was to assist in the development of our U23 women’s squad and with some successes and big improvements, it seems this objective has been achieved.

The club congratulates the team on their hard work both on the tour and in arranging the 4 Nations Fundraiser that assisted in funding this tour. Also massive thanks to coach Debbie Fox for her work in preparing the team and arranging the tour details.

SUBC Double Win U23 Title at 2017 Canadian Henley

Sydney University Boat Club's 2017 Canadian Henley Team produced a gold medal this morning when Serena Cox and Carina Simpson won the U23 Women's Double Scull at the regatta.

From 48 entries eight crews went through to the final with SUBC leading all the way to win by a margin of 1.44 seconds in a time of 7 mins and 2 seconds.

SUBC has attended this regatta twice before in 2012 and 2014 with the 2014 men's eight winning the Championship Eight.

Serena and Carina were presented with the Nancy Storrs Trophy - fitting in that Nancy had been a massive help to previous SUBC teams attending Canadian Henley.

Congratulations to Serena and Carina and coach Debbie Fox.


Videos from the 2017 China International Universities Regatta

Sydney Uni Boat Club men's eight as invited again to the 2017 International Universities Rowing Regatta in China.

This year the event was held in Hangzhou, Cixi and Changsha cities.


Thyne Reid Boatshed Officially Opened 27 May

The new Sydney University "Thyne Reid Boatshed" was officially opened by the Sydney University Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson on Saturday morning 27th May.

Chris Noel Boathouse.jpg

Chris Noel who with Mike Wiseman worked with Campus Infrastructure Services and Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness on the Boatshed project at the new boathouse entrance.

Before a crowd of current and past rowers, coaches, university officials and parents the Chancellor cut a ribbon across Bay 3 of the new shed. Men's and Women's Captains Marcus Britt and Dyonne Bettega held the ribbon between two Boat club oars and as the doors opened a men's and women's eight from the club marched through the crowd onto the pontoon and did demonstration row up and back Burn's Bay.

The new shed is four large bays build over high water mark in Burns's Bay. A large concrete apron leads to a ramp and a 20 x 10-meter pontoon.

Upstairs the shed consists of two distinct wings - the southern wing contains a large club multi purpose room a kitchen and coaches office while the northern wing contains men's and women's change rooms and stairs to the boathouse.

The unique building was designed by architects Hill Thallis and built by Adco Constructions under the supervision of Campus Infrastructure Services. 

The new boat shed was financed by the University of Sydney, Sydney University Sport and Fitness and the Alumni of Sydney University Boat Club through the University of Sydney Sports Foundation.

Chris Noel who led the fundraising for the new shed made the following speech at the opening thanking those involved in the conception, funding and building of the facility.

"Dear Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Hon Anthony Roberts and guests.

I’ve been involved with this club as a rower, part time coach and administrator for 49 years.

Naturally, I’ve been involved with this building and its planning, financing, and construction since our previous shed burnt down in March 2006. Through the long process that this building has taken I want to say on behalf of our club a number of important thank yous.

For the building – I want to thank the architects Hill Thallis – when we chose them with CIS, we understood they would help us produce a building that would be accepted in the local community and Phil Thallis delivered on that in every respect.  Even more importantly I think you can say about this building what I think is ultimate praise in architecture – that is its form follows its function. Hill Thallis have produced an elegant and beautiful building that is above all functional as a training rowing shed.

I would like to thank a few people who had major input into the project – our alumnus and triple World Champion at junior, U23 and senior level form the 1990’s Mike Wiseman. Mike has worked with the senior members of the club and coaches to produce a comprehensive brief that was able to be put to the architects through Campus Infrastructure Services and his consistent contact, prodding and professional approach in my view was a key factor in producing the result we have in this building.

I would also like to thank Geoff Lord who consulted to CIS on this building and who played a key role in opening up relationships with Lane Cove Council. Geoff worked closely with Mike Wiseman and that relationship helped our club bring a real “rowing” element into this building.

I would like to thank CIS, previous director Colin Rockliff and subsequently Greg Robinson and particular the Senior Precinct Manager Scott Biggs and Project Manager Chris Burns, Harrison Wang and design manager Alan Crowe.  Without official positions within the university myself, Mike Wiseman and Mark Prater and later Dustyn Butler and other officials of the club were always treated with respect and our views and input considered and appreciated.

CIS is transforming Sydney University and this building is just an example of the results of their great work.

I want to thank Sydney University, the Vice Chancellor Dr. Michael Spence and the Senate – commitment to the whole student experience has been a hallmark of Sydney University and it has been important in the face of “voluntary student unionism” that our university has seen fit to support that experience and continues to involve its students, not just in activities, but in the management of this experience.

I would like to thank Mark Prater – our recent Head Coach who is now coaching at the Rowing Australia National Training Centre in Canberra. Mark’s input was important in getting key rowing amenities into the shed design. Mark was as always diligent, committed and brought his considerable intellect to the meetings about the shed requirements.

I would like to thank Lane Cove Council and the NSW Government – we are their tenants at this place – we operate by license from the Council for the supporting area adjacent to the shed and we lease the area over high water from Roads and Maritime Services. Both organizations have supported this project willingly and strongly – their cooperation is what helps make our society.

SUBC has been at this location since 1964.

The building of this boathouse has required considerable funds. Our primary and major supporter in this area has been Sydney University in partnership with Sydney University Sport and Fitness. The third partner has been our Boat Club alumni – a significant proportion of the building cost is being contributed by alumni- for this boat shed – around 100 will contribute $1.6 million towards the construction. I don’t have time to mention all of them now but there are some who have not only supported this project but been major donors to our boat purchase program over many years.

There are four major individual donors who in the words of one of them are the “true believers”  (although I don’t think Charles Moore who used this term is necessarily an avid ALP supporter !) – they are Charles Moore, Paul Espie, John Boultbee and Austin Curtin. Could I pay particular tribute to Charles and Paul who supported me from the moment I became Club President in 1988 with assistance on the rebuilding of the staging of the old shed and the repair of its foundations. All four of these alumni have been strong substantial and loyal club supporters over the last 30-40 years.

Could I also thank George Reid and the Thyne Reid Foundation for their lead contribution to the alumni fundraising – George is the grand nephew of Thyne Reid who was an incredibly generous benefactor of Sydney University and St Andrews College in his lifetime. It was Thyne Reid’s gift of a huge waterfront house in Drummoyne for the Boat Club and funds to build a boat shed in the late 1950’s that allowed the club to eventually have a permanent home here in 1964 after losing their original boat shed to requisition in WWII.

 Ladies and Gentleman – this magnificent boat shed has allowed the Boat Club to expand the range of rowing programs it offers – it is a landmark in our sport of rowing and in university sporting facilities.

I am proud to be able to say on behalf of all our club members past and present, thank you to everyone involved in bringing it to fruition."


Boat Club Eight Tours China - July 2017

SUBC Undefeated in International Universities Rowing Regatta (IURR) Series, China 2017

China 2.jpg

The SUBC men’s development eight of Jack O’Brien, Leon Chambers, Devlin Walsh, Marcus Britt, Morgan Brooking, Charlie Wheatley, Nathan Young, Matthew Murray, Harry Wright, coxed by Dani Pettit and Coached by Don McLachlan and Will Raven toured through three cities in China over the winter break as part of a series of regattas run but The Chinese Rowing Association. The Regattas are known as the International Universities Rowing Regatta (IURR), where the Chinese provincial government sporting bodies invite the rowing teams from the top universities around the world. The trip including, flights, accommodation, tourist activities and the loaning of boats is all provided by the Chinese Rowing Association, with the aim of hosting a competitive regatta, whilst also promoting the sport and its benefits, primarily team work, to the Chinese communities of each host city. Races in the IURR are held over shorter distances, than the rowers are used to, allowing for closer margins and a greater spectacle whilst viewing the races.

The first city to host IURR 2017 was Hangzhou, where competition was held on the West Lakes, in the heart of the city, with the theme ‘Famous City, Famous Lake, Famous Universities’. SUBC won their heat in convincing style over Brown University, posting the fastest qualifying time over the 1000m distance. With China experiencing a heat wave of temperatures over 45degrees and high humidity, the racing of the final was almost cancelled. A vote by a delegate from each team as to if we should proceed with racing, saw the majority of international crews voting yes to proceed. The final saw a great head to head battle forming at the front of the field between SUBC and The University of Amsterdam, with no more than a canvas separating the crews the entire way down the course. SUBC narrowly held on to take victory by one seat over the Dutch crew who boasted a number of world cup medallists, with the University of London taking bronze. The crew’s time of 2minuted 45seconds was extremely fast especially considering the oldest rower in the SUBC boat was only 20.

The second host city was Cixi, an ancient town about three hours from Hangzhou. This regatta was deemed as a ‘fun’ regatta by the host organisation. With no times to be recorded and no awarding of medals or trophies for places. With this in mind and number of Unis decided to mix crews up and row composites with other universities. SUBC teamed up with the University of Amsterdam, swapping the bow four from each boat. The racing format saw three straight finals of four boats in each racing down the course. SUBC had representatives in all three winning crews, with SUBC’s Will Raven coxing the University of London boat to win the first race, the stern four of the SUBC crew racing with the university of Amsterdam to win the second race, and the Bow four of the SUBC crew racing with the University of Amsterdam to win the third and final race. This was a great experience for all, with everyone learning about different approaches to racing and even differing styles on how to row each stroke. This unique experience was one of the highlights of the trip, as it is extremely rare for crews to mix with other international standard athletes in the same boat at international regattas. The racing in Cixi was also notably exciting, as the majority of the population of the ancient town and surrounding regions came to support the regatta, drawing thousands of spectators, in many cases the biggest crowd any of these athletes will ever get to experience racing in front of.

The third and final host city was Changsha, where SUBC raced in 2016. Changsha has a great cultural history within China with it being the place where Chairman Mao grew to prominence with the communist party. A notable monument to Mao is a 32m high statue of his head on the Orange Isle where the IURR was held. Racing in Changsha was spread over two days, with heats on the Saturday and finals on the Sunday. The heats were drawn with the rankings from Hangzhou taken into consideration, SUBC again had an easy win in the heat over a composite crew from Harvard, University of Washington and Sydney Uni to secure a middle lane for the final. The Dutch crew along with Brown University had a tight race in heat two, showing they would be crews to watch in the final. The final saw SUBC represented in two crews, with the full SUBC eight racing, and SUBC tour reserve Harry wright getting the call up to help strengthen the line-up of Harvard and Washington. SUBC jumped out to a dominant lead in the final with clear water over the field at the 500m mark, with the following four crews dead level fighting it out for second at the half way. SUBC had a minor setback in the closing stages with a ‘crab’ slowing the boat down, and the rest of the race closing in. The crew held on to a half-length win in the end, with Amsterdam in second, Brown in third, University of London in fourth and the Harvard/Washington/Sydney Uni composite taking fifth ahead of Shanghai Jiao Tong. Yale came away ranked seventh winning the b-final.

Overall the tour was extremely successful for the Sydney Uni crew, going into the regatta as underdogs, being the youngest boat in the series of regattas. The crew not only won each of the regattas, they also showed good maturity in racing with solid improvements throughout the tour, extending the winning margin as each race went on. The crew were not only exposed to challenging international racing competition, they were also exposed to a more enjoyable part of touring, with each host city spoiling the crews with great hospitality and a number of interesting cultural excursions to schools, tourist sites and places of local significance.

SUBC would like to extend its thanks to The Chinese Rowing Association, the local communities of Hangzhou, Cixi and Changsha, along with all the volunteers who made our experience so enjoyable.

New Boatshed Construction Well Advanced

New Boatshed Construction Well Advanced

The new SUBC Boatshed in Burns Bay on the Lane Cove River is now well advanced in construction. The second floor is being prepared for pouring and the main main lowr deck and walls for the storage bays are complete. The three boat bays on the eastern side looking north from the main apron Boat Bay No 4 on the land side looking into park area Bay no 3 giving an idea of internal size - bay approx 7+ metres wide and 4.1 metre high clearance



Dear Boat Club Alumni, Members and Supporters,

There has been quite a lot happening at the Boat Club over the past few months – let us bring you up to date.



Sydney Uni Boat Club’s David Bartholot has won the 2015-2016 season “Novice Rower of the Year” Award presented annually by Rowing New South Wales.  

David was given the award for his outstanding progression in his first season since joining SUBC in March 2016.