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SUBC Strongly relies on the community of members and supporters to help the club grow and prosper. Over the years the SUBC community has raised a significant amount of money to support the club on numerous projects. Below we have our current fundraising efforts that we are undertaking.

The Club – through its Alumni and Supporters raises very substantial amounts annually to buy and turnover our rowing boats, oars, ergometers, coaching boats.


Those of you who have participated in our sport know that the costs of running a large rowing program are quite substantial.


Over the past thirty years Sydney University Boat Club has risen in performance to become one of the leading rowing clubs in Australia and is now a designated Pathway Club by Rowing Australia.


In 2015-17 our alumni and supporters contributed $1.6 million dollars towards the construction of the new Thyne Reid Boatshed in Burns Bay, Lane Cove. This training centre replaced the one destroyed by arson on the same site in 2006. This was a major effort on top of the regular ongoing funding required for equipment and the Boat Club appreciates the support it received from its loyal supporters.


With the growth of our squads it has become important that we re-launch our Donor Program for Equipment to enable us to boat all our rowing squads.

We would appreciate, if you, as a supporter could look at supporting our club over the future years.


We seek support through regular quarterly and annual giving and major bequests.


Our equipment turnover and purchase plan is available by request to be sent to and explained to donors.


If you would like to assist us with our 2021-25 targets, you can donate using this link:

Donate Here

Simply choose to give to a specific sport, search for the boat club and select the equipment fund.

Our Team will approach many alumni each year but please feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss how you can be involved.

For more information email

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