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Australian Boat Race Courses and Harbour Arrangements for 16th October

Details of arrangement of the racing courses for the 2022 Australian Boat Race and the 2022 College Races have been finalized. The event this year is on Sunday morning 16th October.

The Maritime unit of Transport for New South Wales will monitor the arrangements on the day and enforce the moving exclusion zone for each race.

The college races will run from near East Balmain into Darling Harbour at 8 am and 8.15 am.

In the Women’s College Race Wesley College of Sydney University will take on Ormond College of Melbourne University.

In the Men’s College Race St Paul’s College of Sydney University will take on Trinity College of Melbourne University

The Boat Races between the main crews of Sydney and Melbourne will run from Woolwich Point to Darling Harbour at 9 am ( women) and 9.40 an (men)

Presentations will be held outside the ICC Centre in Darling Harbour at 10.15 am followed by a Post Race Brunch and Function in the ICC.

Packages to view the race and get a breakfast wrap form $25 for students ( and $45 to attend the post race brunch.

Please book your packages at this link:



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