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Rowing Foundation Donor Drive

The Boat Club Foundation is part of the Rowing Division of the University of Sydney Sports Foundation. It is a source of pride that the setting up of this Foundation was inspired by desire of the Boat Club to have a formal tax effective way that our alumni and supporters could support the club primarily by having the Foundation support our equipment purchase program. There are now quite a number of divisions of the fund including for sports clubs such as AFL, Soccer Football, Athletics, Hockey and many more plus divisions run to support fu8nding for Sports Scholarships and most recently to assist with outfitting of the new extension to the Sports and Aquatic Centre.

This year the Boat Club and the Women’s Rowing Club are making a drive to secure new donors for our Divisions of the Foundation over the period from 1st July to 12th October. For the Men’s Rowing Division the Club is looking to raise $80,000 for new fleet purchases plus another $120,000 to add to our existing capital.

Our objective over the next 12 months is to move our capital sum into a preserved account and to add to that amount each year an amount equal to or greater than the amount raised each year for fleet purchases.

Sydney University have recently lodged a Development Application for a replacement boatshed with Lane Cove Council. A new boatshed will enable the club to house all its boats and the women’s boats in the main boatshed and will give both clubs the opportunity to expand the number of students rowing and to add more competitive crews at a club level.

Members of the clubs will be in touch with alumni over July, August and September asking got support for our current program to add new donors and renew expired pledges.

The 2013 Foundation Drive will finish with a cocktail party for existing and new donors on 12th October. Please save the date.

If you would like to support our Foundation call our Boat Club Foundation Officers, Chris Noel (0410 406 790) or Tom McCann (0437 113 728)



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