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Jindabyne Annual Boat Camp Report 2008

Between the 3rd and 15th of January Sydney University rowers attended the annual boat camp in the snowy mountain town of Jindabyne! For the past three years, SUBC has stayed at the Jindabyne Sport and Recreation Centre. This once again provided the club with great training facilities, comfortable accommodation and fantastically well prepared and well needed meals. The quiet town presented coaches with several opportunities to put all athletes to the test, and this came in the form of endless stretches of rowing on Lake Jindabyne. Other tough sessions included: epic cycling tours into the surrounding mountains, notably Thredbo and Charlottes Pass, hours of walking through national parks including a trip to the top Mount Kosciuszko via Crackenback and also worthy of mention was the time spent in the gym developing endurance and strength. With such tough training it?s no wonder why SUBC happens to have such a high percentage of athletes into either the of State and National teams, and receive support from New South Wales Institute of Sport or the preferred Glebe Academy of Sport.

Over the 12 days all SUBC club members completed a training load close to a months worth of training. This will put all in a great position for the up and coming regatta season. Everyone is better for completing such a camp. It was also good for the older members to get to know the school leavers and for the club to come together as a team to build momentum for the rest of the season. As Athletes we have the coaches Phil Bourguignon, Mark Prater, Alan Bennett, Michael Doyle (Head Part Time Assistant Coach), Terry O’Hanlon and Scholarship Coach Toby Lister to thank for their professionalism and enthusiasm during the whole camp.

Also worthy of mention is Toby Ledgerwood who survived the biggest cycling crash of the camp, Henry Little who shed the most weight on camp, Nicholas Hudson who was the oldest SUBC active member to almost complete the camp. Just for the record Bow side won all games of touch footy vs. Stroke side with no thanks to Scholarship coach who turned out to be a terrible addition to the Stroke side team .

Will Townsend

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