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Australian U23 Quad Update

Nick Hudson and the Aussie U/23 Hvy Quad have now almost completed their preparation for the World U/23 Championships to be held in Belgrade, (Yugoslavia) in late July. The crew is currently training at the AIS in Canberra. The crew also had training camps in Batemans Bay, for intensive water training. The crew has had minor a setback during their preparation with Eugene Aredensen (QAS) having to sit out 4 weeks of training due to a cycling accident. Eugene is back in the boat now and the guys have their minds set for Belgrade.

When asked how training was going, Huddo had the following to say:

“The weekend of racing was fantastic. They arranged the start times by LMB4X and the JM4X off go, then us on 7 sec and the MA4X off at 11 secs. We expected that the A’s should beat us by around 10 secs. On the Saturday we just stuck to our race plain and the A’s beat us by 7 secs but we had thrid highest prognostic. Sunday we had an awesome race that we beat the A quad to the line so they only beat us by 3.5 secs, but the lightly quad had an awesome race and beat us to the line instead to get the highest prognostic at around 93.6 and we were 93 percent.”

The camp in Batemans bay was excellent although the exams were an added interruption to the camp.

The U/23 quad leaves Australia on 5th July, heading first to Luzern for the World Cup III. The tour will come to an end with the World U/23 Regatta in Belgrade, (Yugoslavia) from 24th to 27th of July.

Good Luck Huddo, keep up the hard training.

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