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Youth Olympic Reps Announced

Led by 2004 U23 World Gold Medallist, Fergus Pragnell four SUBC members plus coach Marty Rabjohns will form part of the NSW team for the 2005 Youth Olympics. To be held in Sydney from 19th-22nd January the Australian Youth Olympics will feature 14 Olympic sports and 1400 competitors from up to 25 invited countries. This event is supported and promoted by the AOC as a “foundation” event for aspiring Olympians of the future with a large number of youth competitors from 2001 making the Athen’s 2004 team and winning medals.

The age restriction is 19 years and younger and the rowing team consists of 9 men and 9 women of which two must be lightweights.

For the 2005 Youth Olympics Fergus Pragnell (heavyweight), Joe Power and Harru Horwitz Rourke ( lightweight) along with Robbie Williams (cox) have been selected. The men’s team will be coached by Marty Rabjohns of SUBC and John Bowes of Sydney Rowing Club.

In the women’s team Elsa O’Hanlon of Syd Uni Women’s has been selected and team coaches will be Alan Bennett of SUWRC and Peter Murphy of Sydney Rowing Club.



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