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Sydney Uni Boatshed Wake

NSWRA President, Stewart Derwin and Deputy, Andrew Rowley were on hand and Stewart offerrred kind support from the Association in whatever capacity to help Sydney Uni in their current situation and with the rebuilding plans for tyhe boatshed. Sydney University Chancellor. Kim Santow, and alumnus of SUBC also attended and encouraged the club to get on with re-building and to look to the challenge of producing a shed that will serve the interests of Sydney Uni rowing as it is today.

With HP and Damon barbecuing it was great to see former SUBC coaches in attendance including Simon Pennington and Hans Madritsch. Many of the rowers attending the selection regatta on 21st also came along and the “wake” took the opportunity to wish them well in both their own quest for selection and in their representation of our state.

Sydney Uni Rowing will announce its plans for the medium term and a new development program in May.



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