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Sydney Uni Athletes In NSW Youth Cup

Following selection trials at Penrith on 28th May five SUBC rowers have been chosen in the Men’s section of the 2011 NSW Youth Cup Team. Harry Thomson, James Medway, Tom Bowditch and Jon Goddard will represent in the heavyweight pairs, the heavyweight four and the eight while Tom McClintock will represnt in the single scull, the heavyweight double and the eight.

In addittion Mark Prater has been appointed Head Coach of the 2011 Youth Cup team and Michael Doyle has been appointed to assist Mark as coach of the Men’s section of the team.

Alfie Young ( Queenwood / Mosman) has been appointed to coach the Women’s section and will be assisted by Sarah Keane.

Jess Buttel, Sabina White, Ellie Winstanley and Beatrix Shelldrick were selected in the NSW Women’s Youth Cup Team. It appears at this stage that Betarox Shelldrick has withdrawn from the team so she can compete in the Trans Tasman university event in ealry July. Gen Fick has been selected as the cox for the women’s

Our phto shows Mark Prater – Head Coach of the 2011 NSW Youth Cup Team



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