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London Olympics Update

SUBC crews also enjoyed some good results at world cup 3 in Munich in Mid-June. This was the last international hit-out before the Olympic Games, and while several key competitors were absent, the racing was fast and furious! The Men’s pair featuring Brodie Buckland placed 2nd in their race behind the seemingly unstoppable world champions NZ. This was a great performance from AUS, as this was only there 2nd international race in this pair combination. We look forward to cheering Brodie towards a medal in London! Special mention also goes out to our SUBC Olympic reserves, Nick Hudson and Fergus Pragnell, who won the B final. This is a top effort as Huddo, who is known for his sculling hasn’t rowed in a pair for over 5 years!

The men’s 8 placed 2nd, behind an upset win from Polish with Great Britain third. This is proving to be one of the most hotly contested events this year as many crews have the potential to win a medal! We look forward to seeing how the boys go in London. The crew includes SUBC athletes Toby Lister, Francis Hegerty, Matt Ryan, Sam Loch and Nick Purnell.

Our team mates from the Women’s shed also performed well with Brooke Pratley earning a close 2nd behind the previously untouchable Great Britain in the Women’s double skull. Brooke has the potential to cause a major upset at Eton rowing course, where she won gold with Liz Kell at the world championships in 2006.

Bronwyn Watson also did well to win the B final in the LW2X. This is another super challenging event, and Bronwyn is doing a great job as they train towards London! How will they go? Stay tuned to find out!

Other notable performances by Australians (not from SUBC) include the Men’s 4 taking gold over Great Britain, a massive upset inspired by the legendary Drew Ginn (is this man unstoppable) and ably backed up by his crew. The LM4- also had a good result with a well-executed 2nd 1000m earning them silver. If these lighty men can turn up the heat in the first thousand, they will be favourites for gold in London. Don’t forget the inspirational Women’s 8, who have made a sterling effort this year. They placed 5th, but had great speed early on, so with 5 weeks more training and a taper, who knows what will happen!



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