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End Of An Era At Sydney Uni Sport

Greg Harris, who has been Director of Sydney University Sport for over sixteen years is leaving the organization this month. Under Greg’s guidance SU Sport has progressed spectacularly and has played an important role in improving the student experience at Sydney University and in promoting the image of the university as a place of excellence and commitment.

The Boat Club has benefited greatly from Greg’s guidance, support and assistance over the years. His advice and perceptions about implementing elite development programs has been invaluable as has his ability to form co-operative relationships throughout sport and the university.

Greg is an Arts graduate from Sydney Uni and enjoyed the unique distinction of playing first grade in three football codes in Sydney. Rugby ( for Sydney Uni and Sydney in the 70’s) followed by a stint in Cronulla Rugby League firsts in 78-89 and finally as captain coach of Easts AFL where he led the team to three premierships.

On a personal level as President and Vice President of the Boat Club and member of SU Sport Board over the term of Greg’s leadership, I have drawn much from our strong personal relationship and his enthusiasm for all things associated with sport and Sydney University.

During Greg’s term with his vision and drive and with the alumni relationships and personal networks he built up SU Sport was able to recover lost ground and set new standards in the delivery of high performance sport and recreation on campus.

A number of clubs, incluing our own along with rugby, cricket, water polo and others have become leading clubs within their sports nationally.

Although Greg is departing SU Sport he leaves a thriving organisation with a strong management structure and team that is well positioned for future improvements and growth.

Thanks Greg and best wishes from all at SU Rowing for your next assignment.

Chris Noel



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