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Australian Championships 2009 – Results Summary

Gold Medals

Open Women’s Single Sally KEHOE Open Women’s Lwt Single Bronwen WATSON Open Women’s Double Scull Sally KEHOE / Sarah COOK Open Women’s Lwt Double Bronwen WATSON Open Women’s Lwt Quad Bronwen WATSON Open Men’s Double Scull Nick HUDSON Open Men’s Quad Scull Nick HUDSON Open Women’s Coxless Four Liz KELL Open Men’s Coxless Four Fergus PRAGNELL Open Men’s Lwt Quad Scull Ed WHITE / Charles BUDD / Ed DeCARVALHO U23 Men’s Lwt Pair Ed WHITE / Charles BUDD U23 Men’s Coxed Four Richard ALLSOP U23 Women’s VIII Charlotte WALTERS U23 Men’s VIII Richard ALLSOP / Alistair MATTHEWS / James GOSWELL / Nick PURNELL / Andrew CONOLLY / Mitch ESTENS / Will GILBERT / Ryan EDWARDS / Toby LISTER (cox)

Interstate Regatta

Women’s Single – (Nell Slatter) Sally KEHOE – (Queensland)

Kings Cup VIII Terrence ALFRED / Richard ALLSOP / Matt RYAN / Sam LOCH / Fergus PRAGNELL / Nick HUDSON / Toby Lister (cox) – (New South Wales)

Silver Medals

Open Men’s Single Scull Jeremy STEVENSON Open Men’s Coxless Four Richard ALLSOP Open Women’s VIII Sally KEHOE / Sarah COOK / Liz KELL / Charlotte WALTERS / Chloe O’REGAN / Ailsa TREMAYNE / Emma COSTELLO / Bronwen WATSON / Toby LISTER (cox) U23 Women’s Single Scull Charlotte WALTERS U23 Women’s Double Scull Charlotte WALTERS U23 Women’s Quad Scull Charlotte WALTERS U23 Men’s Quad Scull Sasha BELONOGOFF U23 Men’s Coxed Four Nick PURNELL / James GOSWELL / Andrew CONOLLY / Alistair MATTHEWS / Ed CLARKE (cox) U23 Men’s Lwt Coxless Four Ed WHITE / Charles BUDD / Ed DeCARVALHO U19 Women’s Quad Scull Beatrix SHELDRICK

Interstate Regatta

Men’s Single Scull

Jeremy STEVENSON – (Western Australia)

Women’s VIII – Queens Cup Sally KEHOE – (Queensland)

Bronze Medals

Open Men’s Pair Fergus PRAGNELL Open Women’s Lwt Double Kylie DUFF Open Women’s Coxless Four Charlotte WALTERS Open Men’s Coxless Four Jeremy STEVENSON Open Women’s Lwt Quad Kylie DUFF Open Men’s Coxed Four Brodie BUCKLAND / Terrence ALFRED / Toby DANKBAAR / Mitch ESTENS / Toby LISTER U23 Men’s Lwt Single Scull Ed DeCARVALHO U23 Women’s Coxless Four Emma COOK / Chloe O’REGAN U23 Women’s Quad Scull Emma COOK / Chloe O’REGAN

Interstate Regatta

Women’s Single Scull

Sarah COOK – (Australian Capital Territory) Women’s Lwt Quad Scull Kylie DUFF – (Queensland) Men’s Youth VIII Sasha BELONOGOFF – (Queensland) Kings Cup VIII Jeremy STEVENSON – (Western Australia)



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