Australian Boat Race Clash Set for Yarra River 22nd October

Men’s and Women’s eights from the universities of Sydney and Melbourne will meet on The Yarra River for the Annual Australian Boat race on Sunday morning 22nd October.

Aus Boat Race 2015 – men’s eights – Sydney held and early lead over Melbourne University

Over recent years Sydney has dominated the men’s race and Melbourne is unbeaten in the modern era since 2010 in the women’s race.

The Yarra course begins in Toorak and the crews will race into the city finishing just before Princes Bridge.

The course will pass under six bridges starting with the Church St bridge in Toorak just after the start. Crews will pass a number of landmarks including AAMI Stadium, the MCG, Federation Square, Boathouse Drive, Flinders St Station, Federation Square. The course length is approximately 4.5 km.

This course was first used for the modern Australian Boat Race in 2013 when there was a controversial clash in the men’s race which put Sydney out of contention.

The Australian Boat Race Yarra Course starting on the right in Toorak and finishing just before Princes Bridge in central Melbourne.

Australian Boat Race Course details


Church/Chapel Street Bridge – Shared Arch: 1100m Distance from start –

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North of Centre arch

Cremorne Railway Bridge – Shared Arch: 1450 m

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North of Centre arch

Punt Road Bridge: 2100m

South Station- Centre Arch; North Station-North Arch

Morrel Bridge – Shared Arch: 2400m

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North of Centre arch

Swan Street Bridge: 3300 m

Judges Box 3700m

Melbourne University Boat Club – 4000 m

South Station-South Arch; North- Centre Arch

Princes Bridge – Shared Arch: 4500m

South Station- South of Centre Arch; North Station-North

Australian Boat Race Yarra Course – Major Marks and Distances

Start to :

Top Herring Island 500m

Bottom Herring Island 700m

Chapel St Bridge 1100m

Cremorne Bridge 1450m

Punt Road Bridge 2100m

Morrell Bridge 2400m

Swan St Bridge 3300m

Judges Box (traditional Upper Yarra course) 3700m

MUBC 4000m

Finish 4200m

Before the race crew captains issue the traditional challenge – at the 2016 race on the lawns of Sydney University


Thyne Reid Boatshed
348 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove

Glebe Boatshed
Bottom of Ferry Rd, Glebe



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