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Australian Boat Race 2010

The honours were shared as arch-rivals -Sydney and Melbourne university rowing crews race acroos Sydney’s inner harbour in the Australian Boat Race today – Sunday 31st October. Tracing a course from Leichhardt north down Iron Cove and along the Balmain peninsula the crews then turned 20-25% north west at Cockatoo Island across open water and raced into the Lane Cove River at Greenwich. The finish was 7.3 kms away at Riverview Wharf.

In the Women’s Eights Melbourne won convincingly. In the Men’s eights Sydney Uni were beaten of the start by the fast nmoving Melbourne crew but gradually worked their way onto level terms then a slight lead as the crews rounded Cockatoo Island. The Sydney team broke away as they reached the Lane Cove River and proved too strong in the run west to Riverview.

Our photo shows the Sydney Men’s Eight at full pressure in the late stages of the race.

The winning times were: Men’s Eights 22.03 and Women’s Eights 24.58.



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