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Amanda Young Rosebowl

At the 1997 Intervarsity Rowing Championships an 18 year old Uni of WA rower Amanda Young contracted meningococcal disease and died.Amanda’s parents Barry and Lorraine Young founded the Amanda Young Foundation the following year to commerate Amanda and to raise awareness and reduce deaths from this disease.

The Amanda Young Rosebowl for the overall Rowing Women’s Champions is awarded annually in memory of Amanda.

The Amanda Young Foundation is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to reducing deaths in WA from meningococcal disease, and supporting survivors of the disease. The Foundation is also committed to supporting the development of young people into WA’s future leaders. The Foundation was formed in 1998 following the tragic death of Amanda Young from meningococcal septicaemia at the tender age of 18 years.

This year – wuth the uni games in Perth – the Foundation in association with Australian Uni Sport ran a campaign at the games to raise awareness about this disease and to raise funds to continue the foundations wor.

The Sydney Uni Rowing Team are proud to commemorate Amanda Young by winning this trophy and thank Lorraine and Barry Young for their work in reducing the impact of this disease.



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