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World Cup Regatta, Lucerne

Today all our guys raced in semi finals, contesting positions for A and B Finals. The lighty four (Tim O’Callaghan) was the first of our guys to race, up against Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia and the Aussie U/23 Lighty crew. The guys peformed well, placing third behind Italy and Netherlands, which put them in the A final tomorrow afternoon. Their finish time was 6:00.65, four seconds behind Italy in 1st and 3 seconds behind the Netherlands in 2nd. The Starting list for the A final is: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Netherlands.

The U/23 Quad (Nick Hudson) was next to race the semi. The crew clearly performed well from the start, but the older more senior crews pulled through our guys about 750m from the finish. They finished in 5th position, the winner was Germany, 2nd Netherlands, third Est and fourth Switzerland. The boys now go to the B final tomorrow, where they will perform very ompetitively.

The Eights race was the last semi final of the day and with only three crews from each semi going to the A final, the racing was going to be exciting. Our guys performed well off the start, moving throught the 500m mark in 2nd place. By the 1000m, the boys had slipped into 4th and came home in 6th place, only seven seconds off the winners Canada (Current World Champions).

Tim Williams (bow seat) had the following to say about the race:

“Today we race well with a stronger second 500 which was our focus, but got swallowed up in the last 750m. Hopefully we can get up on them tomorrow in the B final, particularly the poms”

The crew will now race in the B Final tomorrow, where they will come up against: Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Great Britain and Poland.

Good Luck guys… Step up again and get ready for a big one.

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