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National Championsips Results Summary

The 2006 National Championships capped a year of consolidation for SUBC. After exceptional results in 2005 in the Under 23 men?s category, SUBC consolidated its dominance of this field and began to show promise in other classes. In difficult conditions with a strong, messy headbreeze, Ed Boyce and Terrence Alfred managed to defend the Under 23 men?s pair championship, in defeating their teammates for the coxless four (Richard Allsop and Andrew Heffer). The coxless four secured a silver medal and the coxed four of the same guys, along with Scott Colvin, won the championship. These guys teamed up Fergus Pragnell, Ian Allsop, Chris Clyne and Patrick Wilson, steered by Toby Lister to claim a bronze medal in the Under 23 men?s eight. The highlights of the under 23 men?s sculling was Will Chambers claiming a 4th place in the single, winning the double and combining with fellow club member Miles Foran and two others to win the quad. Mitch Estens did a great job to make the final of the single scull as a part of the breaking the drought campaign at the AIS. This group did a superb job to win the Interstate Youth VIII for the first time since 2003.

The open men struggled in difficult conditions, Matt Ryan claimed fourth in the Senior A pair with James Chapman, Francis Hegerty won the b final with Stefan Sczurowski. Ian Allsop and Fergus Pragnell finished 10th and 11th respectively in the senior A pair. The coxless four containing Ryan and Hegerty teamed up with their partners to secure a bronze medal. Dan Noonan had a great regatta winning a bronze medal in the single scull and double scull and a silver medal in the quad scull. Dan also stroked the King?s Cup VIII that contained Matt Ryan, Francis Hegerty and Fergus Pragnell to a bronze medal.

The lightweight men performed well and began to show promise for the future. Joe Power and Asher Hammond won a silver medal and Ed Alexander and Will Townsend came fourth. This group combined to win a bronze medal in the lightweight coxless four and the open lightweight eight. In the open category Tim O?Callaghan won a silver medal in the coxless pair with Sam Waley and a gold medal in the coxless four. Oli Mahony did a great job stroking the open men?s lightweight quad to victory. Oli Zuk and James Wilmott struggled with illness, but came good to represent NSW in the Penrith Cup IV with Tim O?Callaghan to claim a bronze medal. Oli Zuk represented QLD in the same race to come fifth.

Liz Kell led from the front in the women?s racing, claiming a bronze medal in the open single scull, a silver medal in the quad and reaching the final in the double scull. Additionally Liz was a member of the gold medal winning open coxless four, silver medal winning open women?s eight. Liz gained selection in Nell Slater Interstate single scull and finished fifth. It must be noted that Liz raced in every available race except the women?s coxless pair. In every race Liz made the final ? this is a fantastic effort and stands her in good stead for the final selection trials. Brooke Pratley struggled with the conditions earlier in the week as a relatively inexperienced sculler but finished the regatta well with a gold medal in the women?s open quad scull and a silver medal in the women?s open double scull

Renee Kirby was solid in the under 23 single scull, finishing 5th in the A final. Yasmin L?Estrange and Laura Polin won a bronze medal in the under 23 coxless pair. Yasmin teamed up with Renee to win the under 23 coxless four and Renee was a member of the silver medal winning quad scull. Yasmin was a member of the open women?s eight that won a silver medal. These girls teamed up with Sarah Phillips, Alex Handley and Georgia McCaughan to finish fourth in the Interstate Women?s Youth VIII race, whilst Yasmin and Liz Kell represented in the Queen?s Cup VIII that also finished fourth.

These results are a credit to the athlete?s dedication to training and commitment over the past few years, particularly the past 12 months. It is an exciting program to be involved in, several athletes have the potential to move into the senior A ranks and the younger athletes are getting stronger all the time. As a statistic, SUBC athletes achieved 35 medals out of 49 possible events ? equating to 71.4% success rate of a top three placing. I would question whether any other club in the country could achieve this success.

The coaching team is a fantastic group to be involved with and it is a pleasure to work in the present environment. Congratulations must go to Andrew Randell and Rhett Ayliffe for their efforts prior to leaving the club. It has been great to acquire the services of Phil Bourguignon as Head Coach of SUBC, Phil?s experience has proven to add another edge to the Boat Club coaching staff.

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches, as well as a big thank you to all of our support services. Thanks must go to Greg Harris, Michelle Nancarrow and the team at Sydney University Sport for all of their support. All parental and committee support has been greatly appreciated, and of course to Chris Noel, for his personal support of the coaches and the club.

I look forward to moving ahead even further in 2007, as we get closer to getting some SUBC athletes back onto the Olympic team in 2008.


Appendix 1: Medallists at the 2006 National Championships Appendix 2: 2002-2006 Medal Tally

Appendix 1: Medallists at the 2006 National Championships

EVENT MEDAL ATHLETE MU23 2- Gold Terrence Alfred Ed Boyce MU23 2X Gold Will Chambers MU23 4X Gold Will ChambersMiles Foran MU23 4+ Gold Terrence Alfred Ed Boyce Andrew Heffer Richard Allsop Scott Colvin MO 4+ Gold Ed Boyce Toby Lister MOL 4X Gold Oliver Mahony MOL 4- Gold Tim O?Callaghan MU19 1X Gold Cameron Girdlestone IMY 8+ Gold Andrew Heffer Will Chambers Ed Boyce Mitch Estens Ed Alexander Richard Allsop Toby Lister WO 4- Gold Liz Kell WO 4X Gold Brooke Pratley WU23 4- Gold Yasmin L?Estrange Renee Kirby MU23 2- Silver Andrew Heffer Richard Allsop MU23 4- Silver Terrence Alfred Ed Boyce Andrew Heffer Richard Allsop MO 4X Silver Dan Noonan MOL 2- Silver Tim O?Callaghan MU23L 2- Silver Joe Power Asher Hammond WO 4X Silver Liz Kell WO 8+ Silver Liz Kell Yasmin L?Estrange WO 2X Silver Brooke Pratley WU23 4x Silver Renee Kirby WU23L 2X Silver Elsa O?Hanlon MO 1X Bronze Dan Noonan MO 2X Bronze Dan Noonan MO 4X Bronze Nick Hudson MO 4- Bronze Matt Ryan Francis Hegerty MU23 4X Bronze Mitch Estens MU23L 4-Bronze Joe Power Asher Hammond Will Townsend Ed Alexander MU23 8+ Bronze Ian Allsop Mitch Estens Chris Clyne Fergus Pragnell Ed Boyce Terrence Alfred Andrew Heffer Pat Wilson Toby Lister MOL 8+ Bronze Ed Alexander Tim O?Callaghan Oli Zuk James Wilmott Joe Power Oli Mahony Will Townsend Asher Hammond Marty Rabjohns IML 4- Bronze Tim O?Callaghan James Wilmott IMO 8+ Bronze Dan Noonan Francis Hegerty Matt Ryan Fergus Pragnell WO 1X Bronze Liz Kell WU23 2- Bronze Yasmin L?Estrange Laura Polin WU23L 4X Bronze Elsa O?Hanlon Kylie Grant

Appendix 2: Medals won at National Championships, 2002-2006


2002 3 (1,2) 2 (1,1) 5 (2,3) 10 2003 8 (5,3) 3 (2,1) 5 (3,2) 16 2004 2 (1,1) 2 (2,0) 4 (3,1) 8 2005 6 (6,0) 1 (0,1) 11 (3,8) 18 2006 12 (9,3)10 (5,5)13 (10,3) 35

Note: 2002-2004 brackets were heavyweight to lightweight ratios. 2005-2006 brackets were male to female ratios.



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