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The SUBC Review October 2020

SUBC swings in for success at the spring regatta!

The club was very excited to race at our first regatta of the season, the Spring regatta. The racing was held on the 17th of October at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, and there were some excellent performances across all categories.

SUBC won gold in the following events:

Mens open eight W.O'Shannessy, M.Britt, N.Rath, T.Anderson, K.Riach, H.Ryan, M.Smith, W.Batt, C: D.Pettit

Womens open eight E.Mentzines, T.Rigney, K.Rowan, S.Houston, D.Stuart, E.Price. I.Hobbs, J.Ford, C: T. Barnett-Hepples

Womens B grade quad Tara Rigney, Kate Rowan, Ella Mentzines, Sophie Houston

Mens open four (composite) Will O'Shannessy

Womens open double Kate Rowan, Tara Rigney

Womens B grade pair Eleanor Price, Jaime Ford

Womens B grade scull India Hobbs

Mens B grade scull Phillip Kaufmann

Mens open eight
India Hobbs and Emily Sheppard


Whats Next?

Due to weather conditions the first NSWIS time trial was cancelled. The October time trial is scheduled to go ahead on the 24th of October, which will be another great opportunity for racing. We wish all the athletes the best of luck!


Meet the athlete: Tom Anderson

How did you start rowing and when did you begin at SUBC?

I started rowing at the end of yr 7 (2013) at Shore, under the watchful eyes of the great Antony Weiss. I came to SUBC straight after the HSC in 2018.

What has been your favourite race with the club?

Either getting the last minute call up for the 2019 Gold Cup M8+ and winning by a whisker on my 18th birthday, or the 8ks of being a pest and dirty, dirty racing with the boys at Yarra the same year.

What is your favourite international racing memory?

Flogging the Kiwis 3/3 in NZ 2019

Any rowing/life advice?

“Pylons move pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could hit one.”

You’re not gonna catch up to someone by going slower than them. Consistent work and small changes build up... and curls in the gym.



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