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The SUBC Review November 2020

Summer is coming in hot!

The pre-season is tracking well for the SUBC athletes, with some fantastic performances at the NSWIS October and November time trials. Over 25 of our high performance athletes were entered at each time trial with very pleasing performances across all categories. The final time trial will be held on the 12th of December for the majority of athletes. Invited senior athletes will compete in a seperate round of trials from the 8-11th in Penrith, and selection for the event will be based off previous time trial performance.

This time last year! SUBC women's B grade 8+ win Head of the Yarra 2019


Whats Next?

SUBC is very excited to get back out in some bigger boats this weekend for the "Not the Head of the Yarra" race. The 6km race will take place on Saturday the 28th of November to replace the cancelled Head of the Yarra event, and will be a great opportunity to put down another dominant performance for the club! The club has entered a boat in the women's open eight and mens & women's quads, with two entries in the men's open eight. Good luck to all competing!


Meet the athlete: Jake Bicknell

How did you start rowing and when did you begin at SUBC?

I started rowing in 2008 at St Ignatius, Riverview, and started at SUBC at the end of 2013

What has been your favourite race with the club?

For SUBC, my favourite is easily Boat Race (Six for six). But anything in the eight, with some good chat, will always warrant my enthusiasm.

What is your favourite international racing memory?

My first ever international tour to Canadian Henley has always been an important one for me because it was the first time I won a race in the SUBC zootie. I have had many great tours since then, but that one in particular made me decide to continue rowing for the club.

Any rowing/life advice?

Put a concerted effort towards fostering the friendships/camaraderie within your squad/club, because those bonds are the only thing that will see you through the difficult periods. Also, don’t drink the complementary alcohol in Shanghai.



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