Sydney Uni Announces 2017 Women’s Eight for Australian Boat Race

Director of Rowing Dustyn Butler and women’s coaches Alfie Young and Deb Fox have announced the final SUBC Women’s crew for the 2017 Australian Boat Race to be held on the Yarra on Sunday 22nd October.

The crew will be :

Cox. Rebecca Harrison

Stroke:. Wallis Russell

7. Georgie Masters

6. Dyone Bettega

5. Emma Fessey

4. Harriet Hudson

3. Carina Simpson (graduate)

2. Laura Triggs

Bow. Elizabeth Treloar

Reserve. Jaime Ford

Below the crew is pictured in training this morning. This crew will attempt to take the trophy from Melbourne in the women’s race for the first time since the race started in 2010.


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