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SUBC NSW State Champs

SUBC had a great weekend of results while competing at the NSW Rowing Championships. SUBC came away winning the point score for the second year in a row and finished second on the medal tally. It was great to see SUBC on the podium across such a large number of races.

A full list of results are available here.

Gold Medals

U23 Men's Pair - Kieran Riach and Nick Mirrow

U21 Men's Single - Hamish Danks

Women's Elite Single - Tara Rigney

Men's Elite Pair - Jack Hargreaves and Jack O'Brien

Women's Elite Double - Tara Rigney

Men's Elite Four - Jack Hargreaves, Jack O'Brien, and Alex Purnell

Women's Elite Lightweight Double - Lucy Coleman

Men's Elite Lightweight Four - Wyatt Batt

Men's 3 Para Coxless Pair - James Talbot

Championship Para 3 Coxed Four - James Talbot

Women's Elite Eight - Gen Horton, Eleanor Price, Emily Sheppard, Rowena Meredith, Tara Rigney, Kate Rowan, Jaime Ford, Georgie Gleeson, and Talia Barnet

Men's Elite Eight - Marcus Britt, David Bartholot, Cam Girdlestone, Will O'Shannessy, Jackson Kench, Jack O'Brien, Jack Hargreaves, Alex Purnell and Dani Pettit

Men's Elite Lightweight Eight - Wyatt Batt

Women's Elite Lightweight Quad Scull - Georgia Miansarow, and Lucy Coleman

Women's U23 Double - India Hobbs, Emily Sheppard

Men's Elite Quad - Will O'Shannessy, David Bartholot, Cam Girdlestone, and Jackson Kench


Men's Para Single Scull - James Talbot

Women's U21 Single Scull - Sophie Wightman

Women's U23 Single Scull - Emily Sheppard

Men's Elite Single Scull - Jack Hargreaves

Men's Elite Pair - Alex Purnell

Women's Elite Lightweight Single Scull - Lucy Coleman

Women's Elite Double Scull - Rowena Meredith, Kate Rowan

Men's Elite Coxless Four - Will O'Shannessy, Jackson Kench

Women's Elite Lightweight Double Scull - Georgia Miansarow

Men's Elite Coxed Four - Devlin Walsh, Tom Anderson, Nick Mirrow, Kieran Riach and Hannah Scarborough

Women's Elite Quad Scull - Georgie Gleeson, Rowena Meredith, Kate Rowan, and Tara Rigney


Women's U21 Single Scull - Grace Turner

Men's Elite Pair - Jackson Kench, Will O'Shannessy

Women's Elite Lightweight Single Scull - Georgia Miansarow

Men's Elite Double Scull - David Bartholot

Women's U19 Double Scull - Alex O'Brien, Elizabeth Holtheuer

Men's U19 Double Scull - Ole Klotz



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