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SUBC Clothing Order Form

After issues with communication and kit quality from Pontoon, we have partnered with ISC to produce this season SUBC kit.

This kit order is for non-rowing related kit, so it does not include zooties and UV shirts. This kit is for off water wear to help create a professional image for the club.

This is the link to the sizing chart:

The objective of the clothing program is to have good quality gear to wear during regattas to help promote the club.

  • I have attached to this email photos of all clothing items

  • Also attached is the sizing sheet for both male and female athletes.

  • There will also be a link to the sizing chart on the SUBC website

We must get all members purchasing this kit as ISC requires that at least 30 units be ordered for each piece of clothing before they make them. As there are only seven items we strongly recommend that you purchase as many items as you can to help us reach those 30 unit minimums

Please note:

  • After your send in your order form, you should receive an email with your invoice via Square. Please check your spam inbox. This invoice is to be paid as soon as possible as all funds need to be paid to ISC as quickly as possible. There will be no chasing people for fees this year. If you don’t pay for your kit, you will not receive it.

  • Sample kit was displayed at Linley Point Boatshed

  • A sizing chart for men and woman has been attached to this document (It is essential that you order the correct sizing)

  • Please note for female sizing you will have to convert size number into a letter (e.g. 6 = XS and 20 = 5XL)

Orders will be available for pickup at Linley Point Shed and the Glebe Boatshed.



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