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Rowing Australia Fact Sheet on COVID-19

Today Rowing Australia released a fact sheet and some guidance to rowers and rowing clubs alike on how we should deal with the virus during this time. Some highlights of the article are as follows:

Bathrooms and Change Rooms

It is important that bathrooms at rowing clubs are regularly cleaned to ensure good hygiene standards are maintained. It is important to remember you must wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after going to the bathroom and maintain good hygiene practices when using both toilets and showers.

Access to change rooms should be with limited numbers in the space, strong hygiene practices and trying to maintain 1.5 metres between each other at all times.

Cleaning of Ergos

Anti-bacterial wipes and sprays must be used every time an individual concludes their session on an ergo. We strongly advise schools and clubs to have enough cleaning products available to ensure this practice is maintained.

Cleaning of Oars and Boats

We know that oars and boats are shared by many throughout clubs and school programs. It is important that all oars and boats are thoroughly washed with appropriate soap and water (not just water) to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

Staggering access to sheds and gyms; social distancing

As discussed above, plans should be undertaken to allow staggered access to sheds, gyms and ergos so that training is limited to small numbers.

Ideally, even small group training should be done outdoors, in well ventilated rooms or with at least 1.5m between individuals.

For more information please see the full article on Rowing Australia’s website via this link:



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