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New Pair – ‘Robert Hampshire’

1970’s alumnus Dr Rob Hampshire backed up at the boatshed a week after the Master’s titles to pour the champagne on a new Sykes pair named in his honour. Bob rowed with some success during the late 60’s and early 70’s for SUBC and also played rugby at Sydney Uni. In recent years Bob has maintained a keen interest in rowing and cycling both as a competitor and patron. Bob is an accomplished cyclist and at one stage sponsored the “Hampshire” cycling team in major events here.

A few years ago Bob was in Seville at the World Masters and heard that a crew from Australia was missing a man in the “D” four . Bob shouldered aside some Europeans who were keen to join the crew claiming that although he had not rowed with former SUBC Olympian, Chris Shinners he had rowed at the same club, he had heard of him and he knew his brother-in-law. These factors and Bob’s blunt manner in telling other contenders to “rack off”, saw him secure a place in the crew and take out the championship in the event.

Bob – Chris Shinners advises he still waiting for the photo !

Back to the christening – with his children on hand the introduction to Bob included an explanation as to why, for over 25 years, a sign remained at the entrance to the shed warning tha motor vehicles were not to be driven into then shed. The sign of course was the result of a previous administration taking a dim view of Bob parking his Bettle on the pontoon and on one occasion pushing a boat through the shed wall as it’s rigger snared on his car.

Fortunately there were many other boats to christen so the crowd on hand did not get to hear too many “Hampshire” tales but these can always be reserved for another day.

The SUBC Committee would like to thank Bob for his generous support of the Club and its endeavours.



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