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Maritime Update from NSW Maritime

NSW Maritime has offered some advice and guidance in aligning with the new restrictions announced this week from the NSW state government. Please read on for these details.

Dear Maritime partner, We have been working with key stakeholders to understand how the updated Government COVID-19 restrictions apply to the boating sector. From 31 March 2020 NSW Government Public health directions have been updated requiring people to stay at home unless they have a ‘reasonable excuse’.

However, as there is on land, there are exceptions that apply on water.

If you go out social distancing rules always apply – at the boat ramp and on your boat.

You should only be on your boat alone, or with no more than one other person; or with family who ordinarily live in the same household as you.A ‘reasonable excuse’ to use your boat could be to: exercise (e.g. kayaking/sailing/paddling etc);fish;get to and from work, where the work cannot reasonably be performed from home;get groceries; andprovide assistance, care or support to an immediate member of the person’s family. Unless you have an essential need to be out – stay ashore. If you do need to go out, stick to your local waters, and do not gather with more than 2 people unless with members of the same household. It is important to remember that the self-isolation rules apply at all times. Packing up your boat for a road trip and a half day fishing expedition is also not in the spirit of the restrictions. Skippers are always responsible, generally this is applied to safety equipment, keeping proper look out and proceeding at a safe speed. For the latest information on coronavirus and current restrictions, members of the community are encouraged to check the NSW Government website ( for regular updates. I hope this provides some clarity for you and your customers. Transport for NSW remains focused on keeping you and the customer safe as a key priority. Kind regards, Alex Barrell A/Executive Director Maritime Greater Sydney Transport for NSW



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