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Historic Link to 2007 Blues

Two significant historic links have emerged in 2007 Sporting Blue Awards announced last week by Sydney University. The three recipients from SUBC include Mitch Estens, Andrew Connolly and Cam Girdlestone.

Mitch and Andrew were Australian representatives in the 2007 Men?s U23 Eight and Cam in the U23 Lightweight four.

Cam Girdlestone?s ancestor Henry Girdlestone was stroke of the 1885 Oxford Eight and earned his Blue for selection in this crew.)

This Blue oar from 1885 is pictured here.

Congratulations from all at Sydney University Rowing.

On another note Edward Noel has been awarded a Blue in Soccer for 2007, just 36 years after his father and SUBC Vice President, Chris Noel was awarded his Blue in Boat.



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