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Gap Narrows in Historic Battle


In 1888 the old Blues of Oxford and Cambridge donated a trophy for Intervarsity Rowing Competition in Australia. 125 years later this magnificent trophy The Oxford and Cambridge Cup) is still competed for in the men’s eights each year at the Intervarsity Rowing.

Over it’s history the two earliest universities Sydney and Melbourne have held a long battle for supremacy in this event each striving to be the university with the most wins. During most of the cup’s history Melbourne has been on top – indeed from 1950-58 they recorded 8 wins in a row (one of which was the only dead heat in history with Sydney in 1951).

As the new century started Melbourne chalked up their 41st win in 2001 well ahead of nearest rivals Sydney on 32 wins and Adelaide on 7 wins. The last twelve years has seen a resurgent Sydney chalk up 7 wins including 2013, 2014 and 2015 to bring their tally to 39 wins.

The gap between long time arch rivals has narrowed to the lowest in many years in this event – can Sydney keep up it’s current strong run and take the lead in overall wins.

Next year the Australian University Games will be in Perth in late September and rowing will be at Champion Lakes – the battle will continue.



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