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Acknowldgeing our Club Athletes selected in World Cups and Olympic Team 2020

With the world in the grip of the worst health crisis in over 100 year the 2020 Olympics have been postponed to 2021 and the National Rowing Championships and 2020 World Cups have been cancelled.

This comes only a few weeks after Australia’s rowing crews and teams were selected for World Cups and Olympics for 2020.

The Boat Club would like to acknowledge our rowers and coaches who were selected for these events in both qualified and to qualify Olympic boats. These athletes will hopefully get an opportunity in 2021.

Thanks to these athetes for representing SUBC and congratulations for their selection in our 2020 World Cup and Olympic crews.

Nick Purnell, Gen Horton, Jack Hargreaves, Rowena Meredith, Alex Purnell, Jack O’Brien, Fiona Ewing,Campbell Wattts, Cam Girdlestone, Dave Bartholot, Hamish Parry, Georgie Gotch.and our Head Coach, Don McLachlan who was selected to coach the men’s heavyweight and lightweight double sculls.

And finally, our former SUBC coaches currently coaching at the NTC – Mark Prater ( selected to coach the men’s quad) and Andrew Randell ( selected to coach the men’s eight)

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