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This year the Melbourne and Sydney University rowing crews will be wearing highly contrasting rowing suits when they clash in the annual Australian Boat Race.


Melbourne will wear a uniform based around their traditional blue colour, with a lower black section from the waist down and a side panel running the length of the rowing suit with horizontal white stripes on blue. The crest of Melbourne University features in large size on the back of the suit showing the Goddess of Victory (Nike) over the Southern cross. The crest is also featured on the front left pocket with the logo of The Australian Boat Race on the right pocket.


The Sydney crew, in a departure from tradition, will not wear the traditional blue and gold on white uniforms. Instead, the 2018 uniform will be based on Sydney University’s main brand colour an ochre red which reflects the Australian landscape. This colour forms the main front and back panels with the side panel being in gold for the top part of the suit and blue for the bottom. The shield of the university with the traditional lion and book of learning with cross and stars is featured in large size on the back and in small size on front left pocket with the logo of The Australian Boat race on the right pocket.

Melbourne University will row with dark blue oars and Sydney University with gold oars.



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