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Young Alumni Update Boatshed Staging

A team of young alumni led by Mike Wiseman (1997 World Champion Lightweight Eight) and Peter Phillip have recently completed stage one, and the major part of the renovation of the Linley Point boatshed decking area. The fixed decking on the top section has been completely replaced and all the major beams have been either repaired or replaced. This was a major task with arounf 40 large beams about 6 metre long deep hardwood to replace or repair and over 140 square metres on new decking to be screwed to the supporting beams.

The young alumni team is having a short break before tackling the task of renewing the decking on the swing part of the staging. The work of the young alumni has represented considerable savings in the maintenance budget of the shed and this saving has been allocated by Sydney University Sport to the shortfall in the 2002 SUBC budget.

Players and workers included, Gian Minns, Stu Anderson, Teddy McCosker, Dom Bressan, Tom McCann, Ben Clarsen, John Boultbee.

Special thanks must go to Peter and Mike who had the courage (or stupidity) to take on this major work and ensure that it was completed.

The accompanying photo shows the work’s team taking a quick break on site.


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