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The SUBC Review January 2021

Another great year of Taree

The club has had an action packed first month of 2021, which kicked off with a two week camp at Taree. Over 50 athletes were in attendance, with some huge kilometers covered, all very well fuelled by a fantastic team of parents in the kitchen. Special thanks to Tana Anderson for co ordinating the huge task of feeding the athletes and coaches, and to Manning River Sailing Club for the use of facilities.

We'd like to thank Elizabeth Payne, Alasdair Smith, Lucy Keatley, Ann & Peter O'Shannessy, Peter & Lynette Argent, Rebecca Mirrow, Melissa Livingstone, Trudi & Andrew Cassin, Tana & Phil Anderson, Suzi Ford, Belinda Wightley, Blaire Beaton and Louise Watts for a huge effort!

Racing is here!

The small boat regatta on the 23rd of January was a great opportunity to to put into action the hard work from Taree. The athletes did not disappoint, with five gold medals being brought home by club members.

Congratulations to the following gold medallist crews:

Will O'Shannessy Mens elite pair

Tom Anderson Mens U21 single

Skye Froebel Womens U23 single

Annelise Isaacs Womens U23 lightweight single

Tom Anderson & Mens U21 double

Elliot Simpson

Tom Anderson (MU21 1X)

Elliot Simpson (MU21 1X)

Annelise Isaacs (WU23 L1X)

Whats next?

The NSW state rowing championships will be held from the 5-7th of February at SIRC. The club has a large contingent of athletes racing, and we wish them all the best at this key event!

We are also looking forward to attending the National Championships in March, which have recently been confirmed as going ahead at Lake Barrington in Tasmania.



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