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SUBC Women’s Eight to NZ for The Great Race

‘The Sydney University Boat Club women’s eight will leave tomorrow (8th Sept) for Hamilton, New Zealand to compete in the Gallagher Great Race next weekend. This race, against the stream over 3.8 km on the Waikato River is a tough rowing test pitting Sydney against Melbourne and Waikato universities this year.

After a solid campaign preparing on the idyllic Nepean River, the crew will participate in a week of activities, including sponsors functions and an erg challenge culminating in the Great Race next Sunday. The Ingham Hyundai and Schick Construction & Cartage Indoor Row held on Thursday has significant importance as it determines the lanes for Sunday’s head racing. Under the helm of Will Raven, whose has invaluable expertise having navigated the strong and often unpredictable currents for 3 years in a row now, the girls are excited for the tour and ready to perform at their best. SUBC Gallagher Great Race 2015 squad of 9 is Olivia Ashby, Laura Triggs, Fiona Ewing, Bec Humphris, Loren Parsons, Kate Christelle, Chikondi Pearse, Carina Simpson, Candice Williams and Lucie Holden.

Cox: Will Raven Travelling Coach: Esther Verburg



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