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Still Together After All These Years

In 1969 and enthusiatic mix of experienced rowers and young school leavers formed a Combined Universities Eight to take on the might of the Sydney crew with many of their 1968 Olympic medallists still rowing. That crew fell a canvas short of reaching their target in the 1970 State Champion Eights.

Today the stroke and seven, the stern pair of that crew, Robert Hampshire and Rob Drury, can still be seen competing together at Masters regattas.

Your correspondent, who is against inflicting pain on bodies over 40 years old , saw them in action when he was handing out medals at the recent Australian Masters Championships at Penrith Lakes. Your correspondent noticed (as shown in this photo from the 2003 Masters in Canberra) that hair colour and hair absence was the most noticeable change apart from a considerable improvement in technique. You correspondent surmises that with 40 years experience one is bound to improve.

A photo of the 69-70 crew for comparison purposes is on this website under “alumni crews”.



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