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Each year our club spends a considerable amount on the purchase of new boats and equipment to keep our fleet up to date with the competitive level of our rowers.

We ask alumni members to make donations to The University of Sydney to assist the development of our Sport of Rowing at the university.

Last year through the generosity of alumni donors to the University, the Boat Club was able to implement these purchases of training and racing equipment.

  • A new Empacher women's eight - arriving June/July ($98,000)

  • A new large boat trailer ($48,000)

  • Three new single Sculls ($40,000)

  • Turnover 2 top end Filippi single Sculls ($40,000)

  • Two sets of 10 each C2 Sweep Oars ($14.500)

As you can see - a significant investment.

In addition the club spent around $12,000 on athlete support.

In 2024 the Boat club is looking to order the following new equipment.

  1. 2 x Filippi Pairs/Doubles ($64,000)

  2. 2 x Sykes Pairs/ Doubles ($46,000)

  3. Turnover 2 top end Filippi singles (sell 2) ($24,000)

New speedboat with engine ($16,000)

In 2024 we are also aiming to support our under age athletes who are on national teams that have to travel and have seat fees from Rowing Australia Rowers on Australian Junior Team x 2

Rowers on World Uni Games Team x 3

Rowers on Australian U21 Team x 4

Possible rowers still to be selected in U23 Australian Team x 2-3

These rowers will incur expenses of around $80,000 - would like to support these rowers with assistance up to $22,000.

Our budget for 2024 for Equipment and Athlete Support combined is $180,000

These funds in recent years have been raised through the University of Sydney Sports Foundation. From 2023 all donations are made directly to The University of Sydney with your request to assist the aims of our Sport at the University.

Thanks to those who have donated in the past and if you would like to keep supporting please donate again or if you have not donated yet - it's time to start.

Call or email or Fundraisers

Chris Noel 0410 406 790

Ella Mentzines 0408 347 467

With only Three Weeks to 30th June now is a great time to make your donation to maximize the effect of tax deductibility.

If you would like to discuss a substantial donation or bequest to the university aiming to assist rowing you can contact:

Dylan Loru at Advancement Services.

+61 466 249 656 or

Below - our new women's eight packed for shipment to Australia. Arriving July.



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