Blue Of The Year 1997 Building Dubai

Mike Wiseman headed off to Dubia for a several year posting last year but his original project got delayed by the “Dubai factor”. Here is a short note from Mike about his work. “When I came over to Dubai almost 4 weeks ago I was going to be working on the ‘largest shopping Centre in the world’ however due to the Dubai factor (something I have come to learn, nothing stays to plan over here) we are not appointed on that project yet and I have been transferred to another large residential development in Dubai.

This project is called Jumeirah Islands and is made up of a series of man made canals and lakes which are surrounded by 736 luxury villas and extensive landscaping. The development is approximately AUD$450M and has been built from nothing but desert on a on a 300 hectare plot.”

Mike has joined other young SUBC alumni of his era in supporting the Rowing Foundation.



Thyne Reid Boatshed
348 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove

Glebe Boatshed
Bottom of Ferry Rd, Glebe



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