6.30 pm Thyne Reid Boat House Burns Bay             Agenda

Present:  Sarah Cook, Will Raven, Chris Noel, John Boultbee, Dyone Bettega, Marcus Britt. Wallis Russell

Apologies:   Dustyn Butler

1. Matters Arising Nov Meeting:  

Annual Dinner date for 2018 to be set sat 3rd Nov 2018

Will to book Old Grandstand

Sports Awards

Christening Date underway for 10th March

Boat Race – attempting to confirm 21st Oct - Sunday

2. Masters Matters/Glebe Boatshed:

-  Issue with fuel storage for MLC. Masters to move unused fuel containers to Linley Point.

-  Issue with MLC Agreement – Ed Smith waiting on him???  SC will follow up.

3.  Pathways Day Sunday 28th January:

- CN to have Winter Flyer ready for Pathways Day: Boys 6.45 and Girls 7.40

- 50 Flyers get to Dustyn

- Boats ready / Hanja and team to assist with breakfast.

4. Christening Day Saturday 10th March 2018

- Address List to Laura Hanlon

- CN Meet with Tom Sacre to arrange RW Guests and who will speak.

- Put on Facebook -

- Boats should be cleaned and polished day prior.

- SC  RA and Rowing NSW Board and senior staff list to SUSF for inviting.

- Social Committee to meet- WR arrange

5. Jack Hanley – new PT Coach

-  Learn to Row/ Novice Dev/ Social Program

- CN to put HP in touch with Jack re use of wheels and sourcing.

-Don, Dustyn and Jack to put together LTR / Novice approach for Feb onwards

6. O-Week Arrangements

- Confirm dates for stalls

-Book space

- Flyer – Debbie - Don

7. Director of Rowing Report:

- Boatshed Repair Issues – Defects due to report 25 Jan

- Report to be sent to CIS/ Adco/SUSF

8. Captains Report:

Women: Dyone reported on results from China December trip 2nd Women’s Quad / 4th M8+

Athletes just completed 2km Erg test and most did PB’s

Men: Marcus: most athletes back from camp fit and training well. Warwick Rowers used boatshed for shoot in December and will donate $1,000 to us.

Marcus arranging breakfast roster for Pathway Day 28th Jan.

9. President Report:

-  To initiate coaches review of responsibilities and structures at SUBC.

- Special HP Committee Meeting set for 6th Feb to discuss this review

- Recruitment – Dustyn and Don to visit schools including possible visit to Melbourne in March to see: Geelong Grammar, Geelong College, Melbourne Grammar, Scotch?

Dustyn is visiting Riverview and Joeys in next 1-2 weeks

- Need to do Inventory of boats and spares.

10. Treasurer:

-- Financial report tabled to end November

-2017 surplus projected at $60K will be used for boat purchases in 2018

- Jane Spring Scholarship Fund established now at $30,000 capital

- Foundation needs work in 2018 to get income flowing for new boats.

-Treasurer tabled draft budget for 2018

11. Camp Feedback:

- Accommodation through Astina – all good and all in one place – good air conditioning

- Thanks to parents : Rob Britt ( catering arrangements) and Hanja Bicknell, Carl Runde, Sue Brooking, Suzi Ford and Moira Bettega for assistance with some breakfast during camp.

- Warm weather restricted a bit to two sessions per day – feeling was another location might be worth looking at again. Committee decided to make enquiries in Taree and look at pros and cons of Taree or Penrith for 2019 Camp.

- Miscommunication resulted in somewhat chaotic boat loading – builders present – were advised would be there but not followed up. Trailer plans not adequate.

- Need to repair 3rd trailer

- Camp result good – athletes doing PB’s on erg.

11. General Business

- decided to add medal notation to new Honour Boards

The meeting closed at 8.00 pm


1.    Actions arising from Nov Meeting
-    Weekly Coaches meetings: Phil Titterton attended yesterday
-    Reinstating extended monthly coaches meeting
-    Boat naming: all people having boats named after them have been contacted and invited to open day. 
-    Jack Hanley has now commenced

2.    Masters Matters / Glebe Boatshed  
Gillian O’Malley to be added to Events/Communication sub-committee. Kerrie Bigsworth to learn to add content to SUBC website. 

3.    Implementation Plans for SUBC Strategic Plan

Alumni Days 2018 – March 10 (Row 10:30am-12:00pm, Christening 1-3:00pm)
Engagement of Stakeholders
Alumni Engagement – appoint Alumni Committee (Move to January Agenda)

4.    President Report
-    Attended USSF meeting, club going very well and SUSF happy with 2017 for SUBC.
-    Need to turn attention back to finishing fundraising for the boatshed. 
-    MLC moving in this week to Glebe boatshed, did a working bee last weekend. Agreement still to be finalised. Waiting on SUSF to complete agreement and send to SUBC and MLC. 

5.    Treasurer Report
(Treasurer is overseas and will be an apology)
- No report this month.

6.    Director of Rowing Report
Director absent but emailed report on training. Committee accepted.

7.    Captain’s Reports

-    Congrats to new Blues (5 of 23 Blues awarded were to rowers)
-    Great for Gen Horton to top the National TT today
-    Training camp off to a good start
-    Good luck to China crew heading overseas tomorrow
-    New recruits integrating well into SUBC squad. 
-    Thank you to Hanja Bicknell for feeding our athletes this week!

-    Great to have SUBC crews at HOTY
-    Thanks to Annie Judge for feeding/housing SUBC rowers during HOTY
-    Squads going well at camp 

8.    Camps – update on Jan Camp arrangements
-    Off-water camp sessions schedule
-    Rob Britt creating dinner roster with parents
-    Squad lists have been determined
-    All organisation/logistics progressing well
-    About 35% have paid, all need to pay by Friday

9.    Equipment – updates on boats and other equipment
-    Selling old Catamaran trailer to UNSW $200
-    Wheels Hans Madritsch – meet with Dustyn/JH/WR in Jan
-    Boatshed repair issues – CIS Investigated: works need to be done on cement apron, women’s bathroom, & decking
*Keep fire exits clear at all times. 

10.    General Business

Events/Communication Sub-Committee:
-    Email SUSF Major event dates for 2018 (Christening/Alumni Day, Fundraiser, Annual Dinner, Boat Race)
-    Contact for Christening/Alumni Day (March 10) Laura Hanlon re: invites, RSVPs, name tags
-    Organise SUBC/Blues Dinner for night before Boat Race. 
-    Book Old Grandstand for SUBC Annual Dinner

11.    SUBC Fees 2018

As a resolution by email after the meeting the Exec Committee approved the recommended SUBC Fee Structure for 2018



6.30 pm Thyne Reid Boat House   Burns Bay

1. Matters Arising Sept  Meeting:  No actions outstanding

2. Masters Matters/Glebe Boatshed:

-  Would like to see improved communication between the two facilities, and all members.

-  Masters and novices racing Grade together ie. Grade events (Taree).

-  More joint activities ie. Christmas Day row from Linley Point.

-  News articles & history from Masters Women’s program for website.

-  Send copy of the Asset Register & Boat Turnover Plan from the operational plan to Masters women.

-  Committee encouraged Masters members to join Executive Committee & Sub-Committees.

-  Require more boats and speedboats particularly, especially moving forward.

-  Use of JFS Eight for Riverview Gold Cup in 2018, and utilising the Linley Pt boathouse for that event.

-  Formailise communication through coaching network. 8:30am every Tuesday, coaches meeting at Linley boathouse (Phil & Rob to attend once a month).

3.  Implementation of strategic plan:

- Possible alumni row on March 10, prior to christening (~10:30am-12pm).

- Events committee to work with SUSF to create a large formal event for naming of the Linley Point function room, Naming of the rowing scholarship, boat christenings on March 10.

- Function room to be called the “Chris Noel Club Room”, and scholarship TBA.

- Christening of the Rebecca Wilson boat and Rebecca Wilson Shield.

- Naming and christening of several other boats.

- Proposed Timeline: 1-3pm Event

4. Report on Christening and Alumni Day:

- Thank you to Debbie, Will, Marcus, and Dyone for their work.

- Day went very well.

- Good to have food downstairs around the boats on the deck.

- Boats should be cleaned and polished day prior.

- Information to be circulated earlier.

5. Boat Names:

- Rebecca Wilson: W8+ (March 10)

- Rob Britt: W2- (March 10)

- Mark Prater: W2- (March 10)

- Sally Kehoe: W1x

- Sarah Cook: W1x (March 10)

- Renee Kirby: W1x

- Charlotte Walters: W1x

- Sasha Belonogoff (Fillippi): M2-

- Cam Girdlestone (Fillippi): M2-

- Debbie Fox (Fillippi): W2-

- Tobias Lister (Fillippi): M1x

- Stuart McGill (Fillippi): M1x

- Norm Croker (Fillippi): W1x

- Roger Massy-Greene (Fillippi): W1X

*Rob Smithies, Matthew Duly, Jane Noel, Jack Hargreaves, Campbell Watts, Alex Purnell, Gen Horton, Georgie Gotch, Rowena Meredith, Georgia Miansarow for next boats.

6. President’s Report:

- Fantastic boat race: winning Men & Women for the first time, and Men’s College crew winning.

- Train and prepare College crews in future following Rosebowl, to ensure better results at ABR.

- MLC looking to move into SUBC Glebe boathouse in early December, currently working on draft Agreement to be signed this week.

7. Treasurer’s Report:

- Moved money from Foundation to purchase boats.

- Keeping most boats we intended to sell (although recently sold 2).

- Need to sell the apparel, bought $12,111 worth but only sold $6000.

- Club needs to buy the braid for the SUBC blazers.

- Payments for uniform items into Contra account.

- A lot of recent boat purchases.

- Current surplus $54,000.

- Contra account has come down due to funding new Rowing scholarship.

- SUSF has agreed that 50% of rent from MLC will go into the Linley boathouse appeal.

8. Director of Rowing Report:

- Time-trials going well, especially at top end.

- New recruits commencing, some girls and boy.

- Exciting for the future for development and recruitment.

- Organising camps, and asking for people to RSVP for camp.

- All tracking well.

- Jack O’Brien and Leon Chambers being awarded NSWIS scholarships for 2017/18.

9. Captains Report:

Women: Dyone Bettega

- Congratulations to Carina on being invited to NTC selection camp

- Annual Dinner a great success, good feedback.

- Good luck to crews racing at Yarra.

- Congratulations to Fiona Ewing on being invited to the NTC, and to the other girls on being reinvited.

Men:: Marcus Britt

- Thank you to everyone who organised the dinner & christening.

- Congratulations to Alfie for winning RA Pathway Coach of the Year, & Jack Hargreaves on RA Male crew of the year award.

- Congratulations to John Boultbee on his nomination for the World Rowing Distinguished Service to Rowing Award, and Jack Hargreaves on Male Crew of the Year nomination.

10. General:

- Jack Hanley commencing as SUBC LTR/Social Coach.

- Coaches to get around to the school clubs, and touching base with Convenors of Rowing at major rowing schools (male & female) in Sydney.

- Next Meeting: Review Blues Criteria.

- Blues Dinner: December 2 (To advertise via email and on website)

- Next SUBC Executive Committee Meeting: Dec 13.










Present:   Chris Noel, John Boultbee, Will Raven (Chair), Dyone Bettega, Marcus Britt, Dustyn Butler

Apologies:  Sarah Cook, Wallis Russell

1.       Annual Awards Decision: : The Committee resolved that as members of the committee may be considered for Annual Awards the role of choosing the 2017 award winners will be delegated to Dustyn Butler ( Director), Chris Noel, John Boultbee and Sarah Cook.

2.       Strategic Plan Implementation:

a)      Hon Sec to write and asked Tobi WC if there is an operational plan as part of the Strategic Plan.

b)      Initial phase – complete engagement with stakeholders.

3.       SUSF General Committee:   Will Raven attended and reported:

a)      SU finished 3rd at AUG – won 6 pennants – SUBC won 2 of these Comm thought overall SU result was disappointing.

b)      SUSF in process of arranging affiliation/ service agreement with Sydney Uni and university expecting SUSF Strategic Plan from SUSF.

c)       Future role discussed for Bruce Ross

4.       Alumni and Christening Day 18th Nov:

a)      Some discussion to postpone but decided we could not as some people travelling from interstate

b)      Just christen existing boats

c)       Newest boats – christen in New Year maybe before nationals

5.       Canada Development Tour – Can Henley 2017

a)      Committee noted full financial report and tour report provided by coach Debbie Fox

b)      Primary recommendations from Debbie – changes for future tours:

i)                    SUBC needs to make decisions on who to send as early as possible

ii)                   Group of 6 meant no manager required

iii)                 Leasing boats directly from Hudson is an excellent choice ( form this and 2014 tour)

iv)                 Accommodation at St Catherine’s DF suggests we should find better accommodation than Brock University

6.       Vietnam Rowing Team Request

Committee resolved that if we could help Joe Donnelly and Vietnam Rowing team we should.

CN to advise Joe Donnelly and ask him to contact Dustyn – Zita van de Walle may suit?

7.       Treasurer Report

a)      Boatshed amounts still outstanding’

b)      Asked CN to follow through om memberships – nearly all are paid for 2017

c)       Still have Empacher four to sell for $9000

d)      Concern on amount spent on uniforms

i)                    MB raised issue with shirts – to be returned – very poor quality printing

ii)                   MB – polos not selling – resolved to reduce to $40

iii)                 MB/WR to do up to date stock take

iv)                 Need to circulate list to order before Alumni Day

e)      High cost of repairs – we have spent a lot on parts – DB mentioned wheels were a large expense at $10 each and they don’t last long. CN suggested we source our own wheels? To look at.

f)       Contra Ac surplus $28K of which $19K is being transferred to Rowing Scholarship

8.       Director of Rowing Report

a)      AUG Rowing good success – won Men and Women and Overall

b)      BR was a great success with W8+ recording first win

c)       DOR mentioned how important it was now to get on with main season training.

d)      DOR Importance of Dec Camp at Burns Bay 8-22 Dec and Camp at Penrith3-20 Jan

e)      Discussed brining on additional part time coach – candidate mentioned – DOR to discuss and send job outline – deal with Treasurer and President on this.

9.       Women’s Captain DB

a)      Dyone reported events won at AUG

b)      Reported on ABR and  W8+

c)       Reported good training atmosphere in club

d)      Reported new sound system working very well.

10.   Men’s Captain MB

a)      Mentioned AUG and ABR success’

b)      Also noted Jack Hargreaves great success – World Champion in M4- for 2017

Contribution of Alex and Campbell to men’s squad at WC

c)       NTC Camp Nick Purnell, Andrew Judge and Rob Black invited’

d)      Appeal for Dyone Blue underway

11.   Honour Boards

CN circulated black honour boards – no one on committee liked – want to go traditional rose with gold print.

12.   Masters

          JB attended Open Day at Glebe – resolved to as Master’s reps to start of next Committee Meeting

13.   Glebe Boatshed

Meeting heard that MLC arrangements were progressing with possible move date of early January.

14.   Rowing Australia – Rower of Year Dinner

JB reported we will have 2 tables at this event on 28th Oct

Meeting closed at 8.15 pm as many of women’s squad arrived to eat pizzas and watch Bachelorette.



Present:  Sarah Cook (Chair), Chris Noel, John Boultbee, Will Raven, Dyone Bettega, Marcus Britt, Wallis Russell, Dustyn Butler
1.    Actions from August Meeting
DB reported that 3 boats had been sold to AUBC for$13,000 – Thom, Thorn and Shepherd.
Canadian Tour – Debbie has reported but a final written report is still needed.
China Tour  - Don has reported with some helpful recommendations for the future.
Clothing – we need small zooties for the women, and better stitching is needed
Transfers – the transfers from the contra account and the foundation have been completed, for scholarships and boat purchases.   JB and SC are going to meet with USSF to finalise some details.
Singles from Sykes – the payment of the deposit on 2 singles from Sykes is approved.
Boat Purchase Plan – an updated plan is to be provided to the Committee
RA Rower of the Year Dinner – SUBC will have a table with Committee, Coaches and athletes who have represented Australia this year.
Additional Coach – DB has suggested that Jack Hanley be offered the position of part time coach to work with learn to row program and social rowing program.   A Duty Statement has been prepared, and Jack will be approached to commence the role and a review made in January, to look at how much time the role is consuming.
Alumni Day – current proposed date is 18 November – to be advertised on the website and social media.  DB, WR and CN to finalise boats to be christened.
Boat Race Accommodation – CN has been working with SUSF who pay for the accommodation
Honour Boards – the Committee approved a large Honour Board for Australian Senior Representatives, and a smaller one for Life Members.  CN to organize.
Boathouse Sign – we are still working with SUSF for a proper sign at the Boathouse.

2.    Other Matters from August Meeting
Use of Boatshed – SC, JB and CN to discuss with SUSF the possible use of the Boathouse (commercially) for functions for Sydney University groups and possible spin classes or yoga during the day.
3.    Follow Up from Special General Meeting
Constitution – the changes made at the SGM are to be provided to SUSF for confirmation -  SN
4.    Arrangements for and date approval – Alumni Day and Christening
See Above
5.    Approval of 2018 SUSF Allotment Application
The proposed application was tabled and the Committee agreed to its submission to SUSF, showing increases in the salaries and membership as well as allotment sought.
6.    Discussion and Approval of Blues/Gold Nominations for 2017
Blues Nominations – the Committee agreed to nominate Andrew Judge, Wallis Russell, Dyone Bettega, Lauren Triggs, Leon Chambers, who all meet the eligibility criteria.   The Committee does not intend to submit any nominations for Golds.
7.    Future Australian Boatrace
SC, CN and JB reported on a telephone meeting with SUSF, SUBC, MUS, MUBC about the future of the boatrace.  SUSF and SUBC did not agree with suggestions from MUBC about adding a novice race and a freshers’ race due to difficulties in boating crews of quality, and difficulties in getting more time when the harbour would be closed when the race is in Sydney.  SUBC does not favour expanding the races at this stage.
8.    President’s Report
SC presented her report.  She suggested we meet with the Masters Group to ensure that we are meeting their needs and expectations.
9.    Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s report to the end of August was tabled and approved.  It is attached.
10.    Director of Rowing Report
DB reported on the pleasing training that the crews are doing and plans for the next weeks.
11.    Captains Reports
The Captains reported that the spirit of the squads was very high.
The meeting closed at 8 p.m.

          Minutes Sydney University Boat Club Special General Meeting.

                  Wednesday 30th August 2017, Thyne Reid Boathouse.


Sarah Cook, John Boultbee, William Raven, Wallis Russell, Dyone Bettega, Marcus Britt, Tobias Wehr-Candler, Kerrie Bigsworth, Morgan Brooking, Nathan Young, Carina Simpson, Lauren Fornasaro, Andrew Judge, Cameron Girdlestone and Don McLachlan.


Chris Noel, Anne Titterton and Gillian O’Malley.

-      Meeting opened 6:33pm

o   Welcome by Sarah Cook.

-          Launch of the new SUBC Website

o   Thanks to Hanne Trafnik.

o   New website address – www.subc.com.au

-          Changes to the Boat Club Constitution

o   Details of changes on attached document.

o   All changes were run through and explained by Sarah Cook, John Boultbee noted that the entire document was reviewed by a number of people, with the rest of the document deemed to be of a high standard, with the changes implemented being minor changes in the wording of the document.

o   Thanks to all involved in the review of the constitution.

o   Moved by John Boultbee, Seconded by Kerrie Bigsworth. Unanimously agree upon by all attendees.

-          Adoption of the Boat Club Strategic Plan

o   Document attached.

o   Brief explanation by Tobias Wehr-Candler of the process that was undertaken to produce the document, explanation that the strategic plan is for all to read and give guidance on the growth of the club. It was explained that behind the strategic plan the coaches have an operational plan that will guide how to achieve the goals set out in the strategic plan.

o   Note of how impressed stakeholders are with the strategic plan, and the initiative of the club to have such structure.

o   Thanks to all involved in the production of the document, special thanks to Tobias Wehr-Candler.

o   Feedback;

§  Kerrie Bigsworth;

§  Congratulations on the document.

§  Ensuring that stakeholders (new and existing) are involved and communicated with.

§  Clarifying that the executive committee will use this as a working document to assist decision making.

§  Making sure the club uses good governance practices.

o   Moved by William Raven, Seconded by Morgan Brooking. Unanimously agree upon by all attendees.

-          Boat Club Blazer

o   The design and sample of the blazer was presented to the meeting.

o   A brief explanation of why the committee felt the need for the blazer, with mention of how many athletes the club had touring overseas each year and the need for formal club attire.

o   It was cleared up that those with a Blue can choose which blazer to wear at any occasion, and that the Blue can be worn in crew situations when touring as it is an honours blazer.

o   The SUBC blazer does not have any specific criteria to be able to wear it, simply that the individual must be a full-time member of SUBC.

o   Moved by Marcus Britt, Seconded by Wallis Russell.

-          Upcoming Events:

o   The Australian Boat Race 22nd October – Melbourne;

§  It was noted that the race this year will be in Melbourne, and the club would appreciate any support in blue and gold on the banks of the river for the race.

o   The SUBC Annual Dinner 4th Nov;

§  The SUBC Annual Dinner will be held on the 4th November, at the Grandstand Bar, Oval No.1 Sydney University.
$90 Under 18
$110 Students
$120 Adult/Alumni

The Dinner has a capacity of 120 people.

o   Alumni row and BBQ;

§  Planned for late 2017, with the aim of re-engaging alumni of all ages.

o   Season opening party:

§  9th September, time to be confirmed.

§  A party to celebrate the success of the 2017 winter, and to officially kick off the 2017/2018 season. All members welcome, with particular emphasis on welcoming the school leaver group to the club.

-          The meeting was closed at 7:14pm


Changes to the Boat Club Constitution. These were adopted by the Special General Meeting and sent to Sydney University Sports and Fitness for Approval by their Management Committee.

Proposed & Accepted Changes to the SUBC Constitution - Spec General Meeting 31st August 2017

1. Change of name from:

“Draft Constitution of the amalgamated Sydney University Boat Club and Sydney University Women’s Rowing Club”.

To: “Constitution of the Sydney University Boat Club”

2. Change to points 9. & 10. Differentiation between Honorary SUBC Life Membership and Honorary Membership. Under Point 9. The removal of the words

“Honorary Members cannot nominate for Executive Committee positions or vote at any SUBC elections or committee meetings” and replace with:

“Honorary Life Members may hold positions on the Executive Committee and vote at club elections, provided they have paid their SUSF subscription fee.”

3. Point 19 d, to include the SUSF as well as SUBC membership for the eligibility of potential office bearers. Changing the clause from;

“The office bearers of SUBC are to be elected annually at the Annual

General Meeting of SUBC. Only members of the Club shall be eligible to be

elected to the Executive Committee of the Club. “


“The office bearers of SUBC are to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of SUBC. Only current financial members of SUSF and current members or persons eligible to be members of the Club shall be eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee of the Club”

4. Addition of clause C to point 24;

“Membership of Sub-Committee is determined by the Executive Committee. The Chair of any Sub-Committee must be an officer of the Executive Committee.”

5. Addition of clause A to point 25;

“a current financial member of SUSF, and, a current Club member or persons eligible for membership of the Club. Any person not a current member of the Club needs to fulfil any eligibility requirements before nominations of candidates close as per Clause 24 of this Cons


 Minutes of the Sydney University Boat Club Executive Committee 23rd August 2017

Present: Sarah Cook (President) Will Raven (Vice President)

Marcus Britt (Men’s Captain) Dyone Bettega (Women’s Captain) Wallis Russell (Undergrad Rep)

Chris Noel (Secretary)  John Boultbee (Treasurer)  Wallis Russell (Undergrad Rep), Dustyn Butler (Director of Rowing)


1.       Overseas Tour Reports.

DB: Tours very successful. Some great development from athletes. Hugely beneficial for fringe athletes.

CN: Debbie doing report on Canadian Henley. 6 U23 girls – won 2 golds and made great improvement. Report and recommendations will be ready by 25 Aug.

CN: have requested brief report from DM on first China trip. SUBC won IURR

       2nd China Trip managed by Alan Bennett and coached by Charly Irons also won

U21 Wheatley and Walsh – CW won 6 of 6 events on Sydney leg and DW won 4 of 6.

U23: Wallis Russell U23 LW4x - 6th in A Final

          Andrew Judge U23 M4+ - 5th in A Final

          Rafaela Stalph U23 W4- - 2nd in B Final

          Genevieve Horton & Rowena Meredith U23 W4x - Silver in A final

  Senior Team:  8 athletes at 2 World Cups and attending World Champs Florida, September

 Korea Trip – crew left Sunday under Ray Boyle. As meeting progressed we got news that women’s four won and men’s four second – the mixed eight (combining the two fours also won)

Total of 48 SUBC athletes have travelled overseas on winter period tours.

Coaches involved: Debbie Fox, Alfie Young, Ray Boyle, Charly Iron, Gillian Campbell, Don McLachlan, Will Raven and Alan Bennett (manager)


WR: Producing overall report /story for website.


2.       Club Clothing

WR/MB – these two are managing clothing. As funds accumulated being transferred to Trust account and advised to Treasurer

Actions required:

a)      Clothing List with photos and prices

b)      Order form to circulate

c)       Stocktake required for club

d)      Lists to Notice Boards and Sec to circulate to all

WR/MB follow up school rowers in winter program who missed out on zoot suits – get addresses for posting zooties


3.       Special General Meeting 30th Aug Preparation

CN/SC to review changes required for Life Memberships /voting

Strategic Plan – some wording changes required SC will arrange

JB: spoke of need to circulate Strategic Plan to stakeholders

WR: Will will present new Club blazer

CN: email Blazer order form to all members, parents, alumni

4.       Treasurer’s Report tabled – John Boultbee

a)      John reported current budget position

b)      JB moved that $60K be moved as budgeted from Foundation to SUBC Club account to make up for payments made for new boats. Motion approved

c)       JB moved that Club contribute $1,000 to new SUSF Bruce Ross Scholarship. Motion approved.

d)      CN mentioned that we have a reconciliation issue between membership funds shown is accounts as received for2017 and amounts shown on membership list. DB agreed to assist CN to do full reconciliation to accounts. CN reported we should have another $20K in addition to funds showing.

e)      JB mentioned we have $11K in Foundation reserved for Rowing Development. JB suggested we use this amount plus $19K of the $42K surplus in our contra account and transfer $30K to SUSF for investment in the USSF (Sports Foundation) to create a Boat Club Scholarship. JB mentioned that this would attract some SUSF funds and university funds.

Scholarship Proposal moved by JB, seconded by WR – Motion approved

f)       JB mentioned Boat sales of $34 K in 2017n budget not reached and total way short. DB reported that due to growth of club some boats had to be retained. However DB mentioned that these boats could be sold now:

Thorn 2x$2K

Thom 2x$3K

Shepherd 4-/4x $9,000

Resolved to offer these boats for sale immediately.

g)      DB mentioned the boats from RA (Sykes Sculls) now available and wants to proceed with purchase of 2 single sculls. This would increase the purchases in 2017 but DB mentioned this would present an opportunity to lower boat purchase budget for 2018.

h)      Committee approved purchase 2 x additional sculls.

i)        Committee requested that DB, DMC and TWC meet to amend 2018 Boat Purchase plan and present to Treasurer and next Committee.

j)        MLC School - JB reported on details of planned arrangement with MLC using some space in Glebe BH. This is with SUSF to complete and some issues re allocation of funds. CN provided details of purchase of Glebe shed and also basic of arrangements there.

Committee approved proposed arrangement and left to SC and JB to finalize with SUSF

k)      JB reported on the need he felt to achieve some returns from boat house in down periods. Requested the Committee to look into possible arrangements for use within Sydney University Community. Committee approved so doing.

l)        JB advised excess spending on admin. This included tix for SUBC State Team members at KC/QC Lunch, NSW Awards Night etc. SC mentioned the need for SUBC to be properly represented at these functions and to participate in Rowing NSW activities.

Resolved for SUBC to have official table at KC Lunch, Rowing NSW Awards, RA Rower of the Year Awards

m)    JB advised that efforts to fill Admin PT position not successful so far. DB expressed concerns that more other support was needed and it was agreed to ask DB to review possible support needed in areas like coaching, boatman and administrator.

5.       President Update:

a)      SC circulated Club Allotment process to Committee before meeting.

Resolved SC, JB and DB would meet to arrange SUBC Allotment submission which is due 2nd Oct. Another Exec Committee meeting will be held before this deadline.

b)      Rowing Australia – Thank you letter for contribution to National under age teams tabled.

c)       SUBC Alumni Program:

SC mentioned desire to start Alumni Program to engage all ages of club alumni with the club and with each other.

Idea is to ensure Alumni receive some club items with alumni membership.

Idea is to start better engagement now we have new shed.

SC suggested initial Alumni Function this year.

Format debated but agreed to be on a Saturday with rowing opportunities from 4 pm. Drinks and snacks for 6-8pm. Suggested a few athletes be on hand for informal interviews re their club activities and rest of event is focused alumni engagement with club and each other.

SC suggested we ask Lizzi Chapman for assistance to update women’s alumni list. Also Dyone agreed to assist CN and Lizzi to update lists.

CN requested to advise suitable date late November (before SUSF Blues Dinner) – suggested Saturday 25th November

6.       Director of Rowing Report (DBU)

a)      DBU reported on recruitment. He and CN have spoken with about 18 boys and around 15 have been at the shed. Alfie has 12 year 12 girls in his squad rowing Mon and Friday.

CN mentioned that women’s recruitment difficult. Women seem less inclined to meet about possible courses and rowing opportunities than the men. So far 3 have met and 2 more coming. CN mentioned that demand from US colleges seems so high that average women rowers can get offers.

CN requested that SC meet Alfie’s squad this Friday at 7 am as they come off the water and talk. Might provide role model and more relevant face.

b)  DBU suggested time for social occasion after rowing. Suggested Sat 9th Sept. Athletes and if possible school leavers and parents could join in. BBQ and drinks. To be organized now – possibly by Captain MB and DBE and Vice Pres in conjunction with coaches and Director.

Timing to be decided by DBU in consultation with Alfie Young.

c)   Upcoming Events

i)   AUG Rowing – Team selected – awaiting Don Mc to select crews

DBU mentioned costly and difficult AUG registration process – to take to SUSF

Rowing at Wyaralong Dam away from Gold Coast (50 + minutes driving)

WR mentioned need to take extra rower – important – if we have any illness we won’t be able to row the men’s eight – DNU agreed to address this issue with WR

ii)   Aus Boat Race – Yarra River, Melbourne Sunday 22nd October

Pippa Temperley at SUSF is booking accommodation and airfares. CN expressed concern that must be done urgently at Dorcas and accommodation can be heavily booked near city.

CN to follow up with Pippa

CN added we need to provide rowing suit sizes to Melbourne / 776BC

CN added – need course or graduate requirements of competitors for verification of eligibility by SUSF and forward to Melb Uni as host. They must provide us with their crew lists and eligibility.


iii)  New Boats Christening Date – to set – possibly on Alumni Day – last Sat in Nov? 25th Nov?

Boats: Purnell / Townsend/ Wilson??/ Erickson/ Boultbee V plus other new boats.

DBU to provide list of boats for Committee to name.

iv)   Jan 2018 Training Camp booked

DBU reported we might need to book additional accommodation depending on recruitment numbers.

Gym booking to do

Food Roster to do (CN to contact parents)

v)     DBU is producing a list of all season regattas and camps. Will circulate to club members.

7.   Boatshed Issues

i)    Hanging Photos – CN to get The Hangman down to advise and quote

Steve Newnham has John Welch 70’s photos. JB can you arrange to get to shed

ii)   Honour Boards
CN to arrange Leichhardt Trophies to give quote.

Australian Sen Reps and Life Members

iii)  Sound system for erg area. CN reported Flatout Electrical (Brad) quoted $1700 for amp and 2 speakers plus all wiring and fitting. Resolved to proceed.

We will need to add a cabinet for the amp.

iv)   DBU will arrange further noticeboard with SUSF for near front entrance.

v)   SUBC signs on boatshed – CN to approach SUSF

vi)   BU – new ladder to replace one ladder quoted at $3,000. To decide with SUSF and CIS – which ladder to replace and who will be paying?

CN: need to see ladder so that we can be confident it will be safe and useful.

vii)   DBU reported on upgrades to pontoon. Reinforcing around ramp and rollers. A very good job thanks to SUSF/CIS

8.       General Business

i)    Local yacht owner would like to bring yacht alongside staging to hose down periodically. Committee agreed – DBU to follow through.

ii)  Masters Open Days at Glebe approved 14th and 22nd October. CN to put notice on FB, website.

iii)  Newington Masters request – Committee agreed subject to other Glebe proposal we can’t do.


Meeting closed at 8.30 pm