At SUBC athletes who study at the University of Sydney are offered a range of scholarships from the University of Sydney and Sydney University Sport and Fitness.

The Elite Athlete Program

The primary SUSF scholarship is the Elite Athlete Program (EAP). The EAP offers monetary and non-monetary scholarships with scholarships being based on an athletes performance. The scholarships also offer a wide range of services including access to free tutoring, strength and conditioning coaches, dietitian consultation and sports psychologist consultation. The Elite Athlete Program is only offered to athletes rowing at SUBC.

The Elite Athlete Entry Scheme

Students applying for the University of Sydney may be eligible to apply for the Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme, allowing students to be considered for admission to a course with an ATAR of up to five bonus points below the guaranteed ATAR.

Academic Scholarships

The University of Sydney also provides a wide range of academic scholarships for its students, more details can be found below.