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World Uni Rowing Champs 2008

The 2008 World University Rowing Championships will be held in Belgrade on the ‘Ada Ciganlija Regatta Course’ from 5th-7th September this year. These Championships are also a lead up event for Universiade 2009 ? World University Games, which will also be held in Belgrade.

The regatta course is highly regarded as one of the finest with all the facilities expected on an international standard course and is only 4 kilometers from the centre of Belgrade.

The Belgrade tourist site describes the area so: ?Once and island that has been turned into a peninsula, Ada Ciganlija lies not far from the mouth of the Sava river, only 4km from the city center. Covered by thick deciduous forest, and speckled with clearings and meadows, Ada is now the largest, most beautiful and preferred outing area, beach and leisure spot of the Belgrader.

The World University Rowing Championships are generally of a high standard depending on the year and the level of entries. Rowers can expect some events to have a standard above World U23 and some just below. These championships require that you be well-prepared and offer the advantage of exposure to top level international competition.

As well with the championships in the heart of Belgrade there is the opportunity to experience the facilities of an established European city while gaining important international competition. In 2009 the 25th Summer Universiade (World Uni Games) will be a major event covering 21 sports including rowing. Apart from further opportunities for international competition the both the 2008 and 2009 events will be a chance for new cultural experiences with athletes from many countries around the world competing and living together.

Nominations for 2008 World Uni Rowing need to be in 25th March and selections will be made at the Rowing Australia selection trials 11th-20th April. Nominees are required to do a Selection ergometer. Although the date for this has passed your coaches can probably arrange another testing date by arrangement. Contact them today if you are interested.



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