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Sydney Uni Head South for the Boat Race

The Sydney University crews head to Melbourne today for the 2019 Australian Boat Race against Melbourne University.

The trailer with the team boats is due in Melbourne tonight.

This year’s men’s crew see five of last year’s winning crew back and bolstered by new additions Jackson Kench (U23 team 2019) , Kieran Riach (1st year uni) and veteran Jake Bicknell. After a record run of 6 Boat Races Will Raven has stepped down as the Sydney coxswain and Andrew Le will steer his first Australian Boat Race. The crew has four additions from students who missed the University competition due to NTC call ups and illness.

The Sydney Women’s eight has six members of last year’s winning crew . Kate Rowan, former senior team rower, comes into the crew having recently transferred to Sydney University from Uni of Queensland and first year student Dani Stuart takes the bow seat. Talia Barnet will steer her second Boat Race crew having this year coxed the NSW Queen’s Cup women’s eight to their first victory in 15 years in the 2019 Interstate Regatta. Talia also coxed the Australian U21 Women’s eight this year.

The coaching team is Don McLachlan, Alfie Young and Jack Hanley.

For the first time this year a novice eight event will join the program. This event is restricted to athletes who have learnt to row at university and is a mixed crew of 4 men and 4 women with cox. The Sydney Uni athletes have all come through the SUBC Learn to Row programs in 2018 and 2019 developed and run by Jack Hanley.

Completing the team is a women’s eight form Wesley College who will race the top Melbourne University college women’s eight, Ormond.

The college race and the novice eights will be run over 2 km and The Australian Boat Race evets will be over 4.6 km from South Yarra to Boathouse Row near Princes Bridge.

The Boat Race will be live streamed at :

Women’s Eight

Bow Dani Stuart Bachelor of Science

2 Jaime Ford Bachelor of Arts

3 Harriet Hudson Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)

4 Lauren Graham Bachelor of Arts/Advanced studies (Politics and International Relations)

5 Kate Rowan Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Chemical)

6 Tara Rigney Bachelor of Commerce

7 Dyone Bettega Bachelor of Medical Science

Stroke Wallis Russell Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management

Cox Talia Barnet – Hepples Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)

Res: Carina Simpson Bachelor of International and Global Studies ( Graduate)

Coach Alfie Young

Men’s Eight

Bow Marcus Britt Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)

2 Jake Bicknell Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

3 Jackson Kench Bachelor of Economics – Advanced Studies

4 Kieran Riach Bachelor of applied science (Exercise and Sports Science)

5 Andrew Judge Bachelor of Economics -( Graduate )

6 Morgan Brooking Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies ( Animal and Veterinary Bioscience)

7 Jordan Duff Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science)

Stroke Will O’Shannessy Bachelor of Commerce

Cox Andrew Le Bachelor of Psychology and Philosophy

Res: Tom Anderson Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)

Coach Don McLachlan

Mixed Novice Eight

Bow Olivia Taylor Bachelor of Economics & Bachelors of Laws

2 Bridget Scott Bachelor of Design in Architecture

3 Jess Wait Bachelor of Commerce

4 Zoe Latham Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)

5 Philip Kaufmann Bachelor of Economics

6 Kris Martyn Bachelor of Science (Medical Science)

7 Richard Ledger Bachelor of Economics

Stroke Harrison Rowston Bachelor of Economics

Cox Charlotte Low Bachelor of Science / Advanced Studies

Coach Jack Hanley

Wesley College Women’s Eight

Bow Amy Vanderhor Bachelor of Science

2 Alexandra Courtney Bachelor of Architecture

3 Bianca Gillett Bachelor of Arts

4 Lauren Sutherland Bachelor of Science

5 Georgie Smith Bachelor of Economics

6 Evie Hood Bachelor of Commerce

7 Lucy Coleman Bachelor of Arts/ Engineering

Stroke Raquel Cuevas Bachelor of Commerce

Cox Eliza Fessey Bachelor of media & Communications

Res: Emily Mitchell Bachelor of Science

Coach Gill Campbell Usyd & Wesley Alumni.



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