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NSW Rowing Awards – Liz Kell Guest Speaker

Liz Kell, looking fit and well, gave a fascinating account of the path to the 2006 World Double Scull Championship at the 2007 NSWRA Dinner. Liz kept the rowing audience interested with some great insights into the preparation of herself and teammate Brooke Pratley and some unusual notes on the understated communication of their coach, Adrian David.

Liz, who has not made the 2007 team due to a back injury, has been convalescing after surgey and showed, despite her rowing career being punctuated with injury, how resilient she has been.

With the 2008 Olympics beckoning Liz has started training again and looks set to do the work required to overcome this latest setback.

As well as being the Guest Speaker for the night,Liz with sculling partner Brooke Prately, picked up the award for NSW Oarswoman of the year 2006-7. This was Liz’s second win in succession. With Brooke away in training for the upcoming World Championships Liz paid tribute to the wonderful friendship and working partnership that she and Brooke brought to their crews.



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