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Foundation Patron Highlights Future Benefits

Foundation Patron Charles Moore spoke of the bright future that the Rowing Foundation can bring to Sydney University Rowing. Charles recounted his early days of traveling the world to look for investors in the Australian market through his stock-broking business. ?In the 1960?s I visited New York and one of my targets as a customer was the Ford Foundation. At that time this Foundation had $40 million dollars capital invested. It doesn?t seem much in today?s terms but it was significant then. What is interesting is that today , forty years later this Foundation is one of the world?s largest with $40 billion in capital.?

?This demonstrates the power that compound interest (coupled with favourable tax status) can have in enabling the building up of capital and earning power.

Charles spoke of the importance of building our retained capital base and how in another 30?40 years a sum retained and invested from our current campaign will yield enormous benefits to future generations participating in our sport at Sydney University.

?If I could encourage others who have rowed at Sydney University to support this Foundation I would like to do so? said Charles. ? It is a fantastic initiative which I have encouraged for a number of years. Those alumni who have the vision to give their support will be looked on in the future as important benefactors for our sport, our club and our university.”

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