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SUBC Membership - how it works

Before students can join SUBC you must initially be a member of Sydney University Sport and Fitness. You can join this membership online at :

All rowers using the shed must be SUSF members - no exceptions.   

Memberships are: $50 Usyd students:  $65 Community members:   $25 Junior (U18) members

Boat Club Membership Fees can be paid on;one under the SUSF Membership Link. You will need to have your SUSF current membership number to pay your Boat Club Membership.


Sydney University Boat Club develops rowers from the juniors and school into competitive athletes capable of winning state and national championships and achieving selection in Junior, Under 21 and Under 23 teams and eventually gaining positions in the National Training Centres of Rowing Australia.

In 2017 and 2018 SUBC’s Coaches were named Rowing Australia’s Pathway Coach of The Year for their results in developing rowers onto Australian Teams.

Recently David Bartholot, who stared rowing in 2015 at SUBC, was accepted into the National Men’s Training Centre in Canberra.

In 2018 Sydney Uni Boat Club:

Won the NSW Rowing Championships Point Score Won the Australian University Championships

Won the Australian Rowing Championships Point Score Won the Men’s and Women’s Eights - Australian Boat Race

Contributed 21 athletes to national teams from Junior to Senior

Contributed 24 of 46 athletes to the New South Wales Team that won the Rowing Australia Cup at the 2018 Interstate Regatta.

Club Memberships for 2019

Club memberships run from 1st January to 31st December each year. Some program memberships are for shorter periods -  Learn to Row 8 weeks. 

Your SUSF membership must be valid for the whole year of your SUBC membership and so generally will expire on 31st December even if you take it that membership out later in the year.

Boat Competitive

$1080 per annum.

The membership for our main competitive full time squad.

Includes participation in the main program, includes one zoot suit annually plus payment of entry fees for all regattas except State and National Championships.

Boat Masters - Women

$1350 per annum

The membership for our Master's squad

Includes a component of coaching ( call for details), one zoot suit annually plus entry fees for regattas other than State or National Championships.

Boat Social

$400 per annum

For members in the social program - rowing is restricted to ONE rowing session per week.

Boat - Junior Affiliate

$60 per annum

Junior school members who wish to affiliate with SUBC.

Includes SUBC Zoot Suit

Boat - Juniors - Part Time

and Winter Junior Program

$395 per annum

Covers juniors (18 and under) in the school winter program. Includes one zoot suit.

Juniors training full time need to join the Boat Competitive category.

Learn to Row

$325 6-8 weeks

Learn to Row programs are run regularly through the year. membership is for one program. After conclusion members can transition to one of the club's regular programs.


$540 per annum

Club Supporters

$100 per annum

Membership for former members who wish to become supporting members of the Boat Club. No active rowing component.


Purchase your SUBC membership and SUSF membership & insurance

Online purchasing for our SUBC membership is currently being set up for 2019. If you are ready to renew please wait till 1st February 2019 for details of online access to membership renewal.




Get in touch with us and find out what membership works best for you. And find more information about the SUSF membership online.



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