In 2006 the Chancellor of Sydney University, Justice Kim Santow formally launched the Sydney University Rowing Foundation. The Foundation is a joint project of the Sydney University Boat Club and the Sydney University Women's Rowing Club and aims to raise funds to maintain and expand the equipment program of the university rowing clubs. The Foundation’s eventual target is two million dollars with half from Alumni contributions and half from other sources.
The Foundation Launch was a cocktail party at "Callooa", the home of Paul Espie an SUBC alumnus and one of the driving forces behind the Foundation. Guests included Gough Whitlam (Sydney Uni - St Paul’s rower circa 1938) with his wife Margaret who represented in swimming along with John Coates, President of the Australian Olympic Committee and a strong supporter and member of our sport.

Support the Rowing Foundation by contacting our Boat Club Foundation Officers, Chris Noel (0410 406 790) or Tom McCann (0437 113 728)

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