Do I have to study at the University of Sydney to row at SUBC?

Anyone can row at SUBC, you do not have to study at the University of Sydney, you can study at any university or not be studying, anyone can become part of the club.

The car park at the shed was full, where do I park?

If the car park at the shed is full there is street parking available on View Street, which is the first left at the lights after you exit the club.

Do you train all year round?

At SUBC the club is typically active most of the year round with programs aimed at different athletes starting and finishing at various times throughout the year

Donations are always welcome, rowing is an expensive sport and we greatly appreciate the generosity of our donors who have chosen to support the club.

Chris Noel is the primary contact regarding donations and is available on 0410-406-790, or fill out our contact us form here.

How can I donate to help support the club?