The Australian Boat Race Annual Challenge - Sydney Uni v Melbourne Uni

The Australian Boat Race Annual Challenge - Sydney Uni v Melbourne Uni


Governance of Sydney University Club

Sydney University Boat Club a Founding Club of Sydney University Sport and Fitness and one of around 45 Sporting Clubs affiliated with and governed by Sydney University Sport and Fitness. The Boat Club was started in May 1860 with an initial competition against Melbourne University.

The Boat Club along with Tennis, Rifle, Cricket and Football ( Rugby) formed The Sydney University Sports Union in 1890. The object of the Sports Union was to promote and regulate sporting opportunities on campus

A separate Sydney University Women's Sports Association was formed in 1910 to 'further the interests of sport among University women'. This followed the refusal of the then Sports Union to admit women members to their clubs.

In September 2002 The Sports Union (under Director Greg Harris and President, Bruce Ross and the Sydney University Women's Sports Association (under Director, Ann Mitchell)  agreed to amalgamate to form one sports body for Sydney University - Sydney University Sport and Fitness.

The rowing clubs (SUBC and SUWRC (SU Women's Rowing Clubs) remained separate clubs until September 2015 when under SUBC President, Steve Newnham and SUWRC President, Bronwen Watson the two clubs amalgamated to form the new Sydney University Boat Club.

SUBC is run by it's Executive Committee which meets monthly and appoints active sub-committees to handle various aspects of the club's activities.

The club employs a number of coaches headed by The Director of Rowing who attends the monthly Executive Committee meetings.

Members of the Executive Committee and the Coaches are listed under pages in this section of the website.



The Sydney University Boat Club Constitution - Amended 31st August 2017

(pending approval by Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness management Committee)

Draft Constitution of the amalgamated Sydney University Boat Club and Sydney University Women’s Rowing Club


The name of this club is Sydney University Boat Club. It is a constituent club of Sydney University Sport & Fitness (SUSF). On the 26th August 2015, Sydney University Women’s Rowing Club amalgamated with Sydney University Boat Club (SUBC).


 In this constitution and any subsequent by-laws, except where otherwise expressly provided, the following words and expressions have the following meanings:

Annual Election means the annual election of the President, Vice President, two (2) Captains, Treasurer, Secretary and 1 undergraduate student member in accordance with this constitution.

Annual General Meeting means the first general meeting held to discuss general club matters and elect office bearers for the coming year.

Combined Club means an SUSF constituent club with male and female members.

Competing Member means a member of SUBC who is an active participant in rowing regattas.

Executive Committee means the office bearers of the executive committee of SUBC.

Executive Director means the Executive Director of SUSF Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF).

Gender Equity Policy means the policy of SUSF, as adopted and adapted by SUBC on gender equity issues in sports and recreation.

General Meeting means a meeting open to all club members to attend. Member means a member of SUBC.

President means President of SUBC.

Student member means a student currently enrolled in any degree at Sydney University.

Subscription Fee means the annual Club membership fee to be paid by members as determined by the Executive Committee in accordance with clause 17.

SUBC means Sydney University Boat Club, as amalgamated. SUSF means Sydney University Sport & Fitness.The Club means Sydney University Boat Club.


 The objects of SUBC shall be:

a)     To encourage, foster, promote, develop and govern the sport of rowing at Sydney University through providing a range of rowing programs for both men and women. From time to time this may  include, but is not limited to; novice, club, development, elite , masters, lightweight and heavyweight.

b)     To participate in a range of rowing competitions in Australia, including but not limited to Club, State, National and Intervarsity competitions.


 The income and property of SUBC will be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of SUBC as set out in this constitution, and no portion thereof will be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise, to any member.

Nothing in clause 4 of this Constitution will prevent:

a)     The payment, in good faith, or reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer or employee of SUBC for services actually rendered to SUBC or the payment, in good faith, of an amount to any member of SUBC in return for any services actually rendered to SUBC for goods supplied in the ordinary or usual course of business, or the payment of interest for money lent or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let by          any member to SUBC and SUSF.

b)     SUBC from providing services or information to the members on terms which are different from the terms pursuant to which services or information is provided to persons who are not members.


 If upon winding up or dissolution of the club there remains, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, and property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to nor distributed among the Members, but shall be given or transferred to SUSF in accordance with both the SUBC and the SUSF Constitutions.


 Membership to SUBC shall be determined by the following:

a)     All members of SUSF shall be eligible for membership of SUBC upon payment of a subscription relevant to their membership category as determined annually by the Executive Committee.

b)     No one other than a member of SUSF may be a member of the club.

c)      Any member of SUSF may make application to become a member of the club by completing the prescribed membership form and giving it to the Secretary of SUBC.

d)     Failure to pay annual SUSF membership and SUBC subscription fees will cause membership to lapse, and the member shall forfeit all rights and claims upon the Club and its property and assets and funds.


 SUBC shall have the following categories of membership:

a)   University Members

b)   Honorary Members

c)    Life Members of SUSF

d)   Community Members

e)   Junior Community Members


 The following persons shall be eligible for University Membership of SUBC:

a)     Any student currently enrolled in Sydney University

b)     Graduates of Sydney University

c)      All members of the Convocation of the University as defined in section 14(1) of the University of Sydney Act.

d)     Full time, part time or casual staff of the University


 a)     The Executive Committee may, by resolution, grant Honorary Life Membership to any member whose special association with SUBC is deemed worthy of such recognition. Honorary Life Members may hold positions on the Executive Committee and vote at club elections, provided they have paid their SUSF subscription fee. Honorary Members cannot nominate for Executive Committee positions or vote at any SUBC elections or committee meetings.


a)     A person who is not a Member and who has been appointed as a coach shall be deemed to be an Honorary Member for the period that he or she is coaching at the Club.


a)     A conferred life member of SUSF may apply for membership of SUBC and pay only the annual SUBC subscription fee as appropriate to their membership type.


b)     Life members may hold positions on the Executive Committee and vote at club elections, provided that they have paid any other relevant subscription fees to maintain their Club membership.


 The Executive Committee may admit any person who is not otherwise eligible to be a University, Honorary, or Junior Member pursuant to them being:

a)     a member of an affiliated residential college of the University of Sydney;

b)     a school-leaver who has applied for acceptance as a student on or after entries open to the University of Sydney each year and is a financial member of SUSF;

c)      an exceptional athlete whose special association with SUBC is deemed worthy of such recognition by determination of the Executive Committee and is a financial member of SUSF;

d)     By resolution of the Executive Committee, a graduate of any other recognized university and/or a person approved by SUSF who pays fees as set out in clause 6.


At any one time, Community Members must not exceed 30% [NH1] of the total Club Membership.


Community Members may hold positions within the Executive Committee, provided that not more than two of the positions of President, Vice President, Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary and Treasurer at any given time is occupied by a Community Member.


 Persons aged under 18 years may apply to join SUBC as junior members upon application being made by an office bearer of SUBC to SUSF and the payment of the relevant subscription fee. Junior Community members may not vote at club elections.


 Each member shall hold membership for the remainder of the calendar year within in which the Subscription Fees are paid, noting that SUSF annual membership fees may fall at an alternate time to SUBC subscription fees, and that up to date payment of both subscriptions is required to maintain SUBC membership.


 The Executive Committee shall determine Subscription Fees payable under the major categories of University, Community, Junior Community and Honorary members and SUSF Life members from time to time. Subscription Fees shall:

a.       Be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.

b.      Be set at zero (0) for office bearers if they are non-competing members of the Club, as long as their annual SUSF membership is maintained.


Failure of a member to pay subscription fees by the due date may result in the Executive Committee restricting access by that member to club facilities, coaching and other assets. A member who owes outstanding monies to the Club may be restricted from access to cub facilities, coaching and other assets as determined by the Executive Committee.


 a.       The management of SUBC is vested in the Office Bearers who make up the Executive Committee of the Club.

b.      ANo amendments to the constitution may be made until approved by the club membership as per clause 33 of this ConsitutionConstitution, and subsequent approval by the SUSF Management Committee, followed by ratification by the General Committee of SUSF..

c.       In a case of a conflict or ambiguity in this Constitution, the Constitution of SUSF may be used for guidance on resolving the conflict or ambiguity. Any matter not defined in this constitution may be referred to the Constitution of SUSF.

d.      The office bearers of SUBC are to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of SUBC. Only current financial members of SUSF and current  members or persons eligible to be members of the Club shall be eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee of the Club.


 The Office Bearers of SUBC shall manage the affairs of the Club and are elected to form the Executive Committee for the period between annual elections in accordance with this Constitution and may be a University Member, Life Member or Community Member, as per clause 13, of the Club. The Office Bearers of the Club shall be:

a.      A President

b.      A Vice President, to be of opposite gender to the President.

c.       Two (2) Captains, one of each gender.

d.      A Treasurer

e.      A Secretary

f.        An Undergraduate University Member, who must be of opposite gender to the Treasurer and Secretary if both the Treasurer and Secretary are of the same gender.

g.      The President of SUSF and Executive Director of SUSF are automatically ex-officio members of the SUBC committee but they have no right to vote at any meeting of such committee by virtue only of such office.


SUBC must maintain a minimum of 40% representation of each gender as office bearers on the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall appoint such delegate or delegates to represent the Club as may be required with such powers as it may think fit, including but not limited to, the delegates to the SUSF General Committee, under the conditions provided in the Constitution of SUSF .and the delegates to NSW Rowing.


No person shall fill more than one role on the Executive Committee at any one time.


 a)     The Executive Committee may delegate any of its powers to such Sub- Committees as it sees fit, for such time as it sees fit. Members of such Sub-Committees report to the Executive Committee.

b)     Any act or thing done by a sub-committee acting in the exercise of a delegation under this rule has the same force and effect as it would have if it had been done by the Executive Committee.

c)      Membership of Sub-Committee is determined by the Executive Committee. The Chair of any Sub-Committee must be an officer of the Executive Committee.

d)     The Executive Committee may revoke, by instrument in writing, wholly or in part, any sub-committee under this rule.


 Election of office bearers shall occur at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. Nominations of candidates for election as officers of the Club must be:

a.       a current financial member of SUSF, and, a current Club member or persons eligible for membership of the Club. Any person not a current member of the Club needs to fulfil any eligibility requirements before nominations of candidates close as per Clause 24 of this Constitution.

b.      made in writing via letter or email by the candidate and, supported signed by two members of the Club in writing via letter or email. and accompanied by written consent of the candidate.

c.       be delivered to the Secretary of the Club not less than 5 days before the date and time fixed for the Annual General Meeting.

 i.        If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the Executive Committee, the candidates nominated will be deemed to be elected and further nominations may be received from the floor at the Annual General Meeting for remaining vacancies.

 ii.        If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, those persons nominated shall be deemed elected unopposed.

iii.        If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot must be held.

iv.        The ballot for election of officers bearers must be conducted at the Annual General Meeting in such manner as the standing Executive Committee may direct.


Within 14 days of the election or appointment of any office bearer, the secretary of the Club must forward to the Executive Director of SUSF the name, address and telephone number of such office bearer.


 a)  The Executive Committee may declare vacant the seat of any member who has :

i)  been absent without valid excuse from two (2) consecutive meetings.

ii)  ceased to be a member of the Club.

iii)   resigns from office by notice in writing given to the Secretary.

b)  All casual vacancies must be filled by an election from the floor at a General Meeting of the Club called by the President within fourteen (14) days of the vacancy arising. Office bearers duly appointed to a casual vacancy shall:

i)  hold that seat until the next Annual General Election at which that seat was due for re-nomination and subsequent electoral process.

ii)  be a current financial member of SUSF and a current member or an eligible for membershipmember of the Club as outlined in this constitution.


 The President, Vice President, Treasurer, two (2) Captains the Treasurer and Secretary, appointed annually shall constitute the Executive Committee, who have vested in them the power to manage the Club and shall meet on the following terms:

a.       The Secretary upon request of two (2) members of the Executive Committee, or of their own volition shall convene a meeting of the committee.

b.      In exceptional circumstances , where it is not practicable for the Executive Committee to meet formally, the Executive Committee may exercise its powers by way of telephone, or circular email, provided that all Executive Committee members are given reasonable prior notice of the need to make a resolutionan executive decision.

c.       Executive Committee members are to be given reasonable prior notice of executive meetings, specifying the nature and business to be dealt with at that meeting

d.      A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be four (4). If no quorum is present within fifteen (15) minutes of the notified time of the meeting, such meeting shall lapse.

e.       The President shall be entitled to take the Chair at all meetings of the Executive Committee. In their absence or unwillingness to act, the Vice President shall take the Chair, and if the Vice President is absent or unwilling to act, the Executive Committee shall choose a Chair from among their number.

f.        No person who is not a member of the Executive Committee shall be present at a meeting unless invited to attend by the Chair. Members in attendance at the invitation of the Chair, such as but not limited to sub-committee members, are not entitled to vote on resolutions.

g.       Every resolution of the Executive Committee will be binding on all members of the club, and must be passed by the majority of the Executive Committee in attendance providing a quorum has been reached.

h.      Minutes of every meeting shall be kept by the secretary with written endorsementand signed by the Chair at the next succeeding meeting as an accurate record.


 The Executive Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of all members at once each calendar year to be held as early as practicable in First Semester at such time and place as may be determined by the Executive Committee as follows:

a.  Members shall be given at least seven (7) days notice of the Annual and every General Club meeting.

b.  The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive and consider the Annual Report and Financial Statement, to elect Office Bearers and to transact any other business which under this constitution may be transacted by the club in General meeting.

c.   No person shall be entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting unless they are a member of the club.

e) Within fourteen (14) days of the Annual General Meeting , the Honorary Secretary shall give written advice to the Executive Director of SUSF of the date of the meeting and the result of any election held at the meeting.


 The Executive Committee may, whenever it thinks fit, convene a General Meeting, or, upon receipt of a requisition made in writing stating the objects of the meeting proposed to be called and signed by not less than ten (10) members of the club, convene a Special General Meeting, under the following conditions:

a.  The quorum for a General Meeting shall be ten (10) members, and must include a minimum of four (4) Executive Committee members.

b.  No person shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting unless they are a member of the club.

c.   Resolutions passed at a General Meeting will be binding on all club members.

d.  Resolutions must be passed by the 2/3rds of the voting members present at a General Meeting.

e.  At least fourteen (14) days notice must be given to club members of any General Meeting and such notice must include a statement to the effect of the general business to be tabled at the meeting


 SUBC, at all times, must have in place an effective gender equity policy to promote and ensure gender equity within the Club. The gender equity policy will provide a framework for the Executive Committee to ensure the appropriate resourcing and support of both Women's and Men's rowing programs. See Annexure 1.[NH3] [NH4] 


 a.    The financial year of SUBC commences on 1 January and concludes on 31 December each year.

b.    All monies received by the Club by donations, fees or any function conducted by the Club must be paid promptly to SUSF. Such monies will be held in trust funds on behalf of and for the sole use of the Club.

c.   All requests for payment made out on account of SUBC must bear the signatures of two of nominated signatories, as advised to SUSF.


 The Executive Committee, from time to time, may elect as ‘Patrons’ any persons who have rendered special assistance to SUBC. Patrons may be granted roles and privileges as decided upon by the Executive Committee.


 The Constitution of this Club shall not be amended unless:

a.  The amendment shall be passed by 2/3 of the members of the Club present and voting at a General Meeting, with the mechanism of voting for each meeting to be decided by the Chair.

b.  Notice of intention to move the amendment shall be received by the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of such meeting in which case notice shall be given in the notice convening the meeting.

c.   The amendment shall be subsequently approved by SUSF Management Committee, and the SUSF General Committee, before taking effect.